How to add Facebook like box to your website

Manas Singh 09th Sep 2020

Facebook offers different types of plugins for websites. We can use these plugins to drive high traffic to our website. These plugins are very essential for all websites. Currently, a large number of websites using these plugins. The main advantage of these plugins is that you can directly share your website or important article with your friends. The Like Box is the most popular plugin among all social plugins of Facebook. It is the right method to encourage your visitor to become your fan.

For any plugins of Facebook, you need to create a  page for your website.

Steps (with screenshot) are given below to add Facebook Like Box:

1. First, click here to go to the Facebook developer page.
2. Type your website's page URL to the "Facebook Page URL" box.

3. Adjust your option according to your need.
4. Click the "Get Code" button.

5. Just put javascript code after the opening of the body tag And Plugin code in that place where you want to appear this box.
6. that' all

Now your visitor can directly become your  fan by just clicking like button from your website.

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