How to add README to your GitHub Profile overview

Manas Singh 29th Dec 2020

Github has recently delivered a new feature which permits users to make GitHub profile overview README. This README file displays your GitHub profile details. It allows to add a simple Bio or about yourself.

As we know that GitHub is widely used by programmers or Developers so you can showcase your detail in this README file and this detail is publicly visible that helps others to know more about your expertise.

What is profile README

The README in GitHub profile just allow to add the some detail about us. It is just a kind of 'profile bio' or 'about me' which is publicly visible for everyone. You can add image, GIF, banner, links or content etc in it. It makes your GitHub overview page more attractive.

Steps to create README for GitHub Profile

If you already have a GitHub account, that's fine otherwise you can create a new GitHub account by clicking here. Now we will see to create a README file for GitHub Profile.

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1. First of all, login to you GitHub account.

2. Create a new repository with the same GitHub username by clicking on create new repository.

You can refer the below image to get the clear understanding of GitHub Profile README.

github readme

3. Initialize this repository with 'Add a README file'.

4. This repository must be public so that anyone can see this repo and read the content of this README file.

5. Click on 'Create repository'.

6. Now edit the README file as per your requirement and commit your changes.

You can have a look to my GitHub Profile README file in below image.

github readme edit

I really like this feature of GitHub because it makes your GitHub profile more attractive and descriptive. It also help us to showcase our skill to others.

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That's all about adding README to your GitHub Profile.

You can add this feature into your GitHub account and share your experience in below comment section.

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