How to Choose the Right Webhost for Your Business

Abhigyan Singh 12th Nov 2015

This is the Mars era; if you don't have a website, you are not doing business. You need to connect online to your customers and a website is the ideal way. If you are reading this article I believe, either you already have a website or going to get one very soon. Your website needs a Webhost so as to reach to people, tell them what you do and bring business. Webhosting plays key role in the business success.

Ideally speaking, there is nothing like a good host or a bad host. Everyone is good, every website owner is important to hosting companies and they want to do business with you. Personally I don’t have any ill will against any hosting company. A web host doing good in a certain zone may perform worst in other zones. Lots between good and bad owe to infrastructure, support staff, government policies, business liaisons and customers. Where you want to host your website is completely the matter of choice, however, there are certain points to consider before ordering bandwidth.

The Type of Webhosting Plans: Normally, all webhost offers 3 types of plans:

Individual Plans: Generally good for beginners who don’t expect too much traffic in the start. To save on cost you can chose for yearly subscription or more. Under such plans come limited bandwidth, limited hosting space, limited email ids (for example 5 / 10) and hosting support for a single domain (In case you will host multiple domains over a single hosting package). Individual Plans also referred as Shared Hosting Plans.

Dedicated Servers: These plans are costly and suits for large sized online businesses. Normally, businesses upgrades from Shared Hosting to Dedicated Servers when they grow. You need to check with your hosting company if they provide for easy transition between the two. Dedicated servers are requirement when you need very large space and massive bandwidth to serve to your customers.

Reseller Plans: Do you publish many blogs? Or you have multiple businesses? If your answer is an YES, chose for reseller plans and enjoy hosting many websites at affordable rates. Normally, Reseller plans costs around USD 10 to USD 20 per month. You can chose for yearly subscriptions and save on money. Such plans also suits for small businesses those manage many customers’ web hosting needs.

Okay, that was all about type of hosting plans you should chose. Here are other important factors to consider before buying webhosting subscriptions:

Some tips before buying webhosting plans:

Cost: Your website needs care like a nascent kid. Spend on it. Plan your budget. Compare between webhosts to choose the best. If you are a novice, take help from an expert. In your search for a hosting company, you will also come across many free hosting plans. If you mean business avoid free hosting.

Customer Reviews: Before buying a hosting subscription look for reviews both on the host website and in place like good Forum website. Look for negative reviews. Yes, you heard right. Negative reviews will let you know what sort of problems you may encounter with a certain webhost and if you will be able to sort it out.

Free Phone Support: If a webhost offers you free online 24*7 customer support else you may end up paying hundreds of dollars for phone bills. No matter, how much reliable a webhost is, inevitable may happen with any and you need quality support.

Script Support: Check, if webhost in question offers built in support for web scripts, for example Wordpress. Some host limit the number of MySQL Databases which you require installing to run script like Wordpress and similar other programs.

Authored By Abhigyan Singh

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