How to Download Bitdefender on Your Devices

Jessa Camacho 13th Aug 2017

If you still have not thought about securing your online data and transactions, then it is about time to think again and re-evaluate your pre-existing perception about your cyber security.

As the computer technology advances, the threats to your computer security also increase. Do you think the cyber security software that you have trusted for years will suffice and can keep up with the escalating data security risks and online privacy issues?

Reliable Computer Security Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive

In the recent years, countless software and digital application developers offer cyber security software for free. You might get a little skeptical about the software, and you might think that getting a free software is like shortchanging yourself and your computer security. What a lot of people fail to realize is that a lot of these free software can actually deliver excellent service.

A Free Software that Guarantees Your Cyber Security

Bitdefender has been in the computer security industry for 17 years and is trusted by its half a billion subscribers worldwide. Their antivirus software has been deemed one of the best in the world, which anyone can get for their personal computers, cellphones, and even handheld computers. Bitdefender only needs a few minutes of your time to ensure your computer security.

Getting Your Computer Protected by Bitdefender

To get the optimum security using Bitdefender, you have to start by uninstalling your existing antivirus and cyber security software. Once you have finished that stage, you are now ready to download Bitdefender antivirus and cyber security software on your computer.

  1. Create a free Bitdefender account. You can log on to, and you will be redirected to their sign up page. Having a Bitdefender account allows you to remotely manage all the devices you have linked to Bitdefender wherever you are.
  2. Once you are signed in, click My Devices. You will see a blue button labeled as ‘Install Bitdefender’ on the upper right corner of the page. Clicking the ‘Install Bitdefender’ will show you a new pane. Click the blue ‘Download’ button to start downloading the software installer.
  3. When the file download is done, right-click on the installer file and select ‘Run as administrator’ in order to launch the Bitdefender installer.
  4. While the software installation is underway, you will see on-screen instructions. Read and follow the instructions.
  5. In the end, you will be shown the End-user License Agreement. Once you have read and indicated that you agree with the said license agreement, your computer will officially be protected by Bitdefender.


Getting the Bitdefender App on your Phone

Downloading the free version of Bitdefender on your device couldn’t get any easier. Here’s how you can get the Bitdefender for your phone.

If you have an Android device…

  1. On your device, launch the Google Play Store app and search for Bitdefender. Then, just download it like any other app. Once the download is completed, you may launch and begin using the app.
  2. If you have purchased the full version of Bitdefender, just scan with your Android device the QR code that comes with the product license key.

If you have an iPhone/iPad…

  1. Search for the app Bitdefender Mobile Security on the App Store, and then install the app.
  2. Once the download is finished, you may start using the Bitdefender app.

The security features of Windows, Android, and iOs are top of the line, but having Bitdefender on your device is adding an extra strong layer of security.

Using Bitdefender Antivirus on your Android Device

This app protects your Android device from malware and phishing. It scans all the apps and files on the device to check for any irregularities. Unlike any other anti-malware and antivirus software, Bitdefender is shockingly lightweight; it doesn’t take up much space and is low on data consumption.

Bitdefender has an “Autopilot” mode which runs in the background even if the Bitdefender app is closed. This notifies you if there are any threat detected. Managing malicious apps and files on your phone has been made easy by this app. It sends a notification about the threat and an option to remove the said file or app.

A lot of online security software have tried, and a lot of those have miserably failed to provide you with airtight cyber security. Some software even cost a fortune. Mediocrity is everywhere, but your cyber security software should not be one of them.

Authored By Jessa Camacho

Jessa  Camacho is part of Marketing team of Convertbetter and she has a good grasp of all the essentials of building and promoting a website. Her skills and knowledge in her field makes her prominent in the company.

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