How to install memcache with wamp and PHP 5.3

Abhigyan Singh 01st Nov 2020

Today, we will learn about how to install Memcache with wamp and PHP 5.3. Memcache is very important in web technology and it is the best method for the caching system. This tutorial includes the installation of Memcache with Window, Apache, Mysql, and PHP (5.3 and above version). The main advantage of the Caching technique is to reduce the server load.

Read about Simple Example of using Memcached with PHP and Mysql

Example of using Memcached with PHP and Mysql

When a user opens the website and if it is the first time, then a connection made to the server and serves the data and all the data will be cached in the user’s local system. The second time when the user opens the website, it serves data from the cache. So, the server load will reduce.
Step for installing Memcache with wamp is given below:

Step 1: Download memcache.exe file

First, we need to have a memcache.exe file. So click here to download the memcache.exe file. Unzip the file and copy it.
Placement of this file : c: Memcached

Step 2: Run memcache.exe file

Now, we will run the Memcache. For this, we need to open the command prompt (CMD).
For opening command prompt just go running and type "cmd". When the command prompt opens, just type
C:memcachedmemcached.exe -d install

Step 3: Start Memcache

Now, we will start the Memcache.
Type this command in command prompt, c:memcachedmemcached.exe -d start

Step 4: Place php_memcache.dll file

Now its time to find the php_memcache.dll file. To download the php_memcache.dll file, Click this link and unzip it, and copy it. Now we will place it in the below folder
C:wampbinphpphp 5.Xext

Step 5: Set Extension of php_memcache.dll

Now, We will set an extension in php.ini, So open C:wampbinapacheApache2.xbin directory, and add the below line to the end of the Dynamic Extensions block which in between lines 920 and 990.


Step 6: Test Memcache

To test Memcache, we can run phpinfo() command. If we show the Memcache block in phpinfo() command. then it installs correctly.

Read about Simple Example of using Memcached with PHP and Mysql

Example of using Memcached with PHP and Mysql

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