How to Integrate MailChimp and WordPress: Some useful Tips!

Manas Singh 15th Oct 2020

For most of the business owners, the perfect combination of MailChimp and Word Press is a dream come true. Although, there are innumerable email delivery portals or platforms to select from, but over 5 milion users are dependent upon MailChimp for the best email service.

If you are using Word press to power your websites, then there is a great chance that you must be using MailChimp to communicate with the list of your email.

However, if your MailChimp and Word press integration starts and ends with just a basic and simple subscription form, you are leaving many things on the table.

Whether you are looking forward to unlock the hidden elements in the integration of mail chimp and word press or you want to master the subscription forms, below are mentioned some of the best ways to integrate mail chimp and word press-

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1.    The two major kinds of integration are

a)    Email subscription forms- this integration process will enable you to use plug ins, widgets or simply copy-pasting the source code.

b)    Analytics, plugins, and everything else- here the integration process will become absolutely fun. This process involves adding commentators in your list, setting up notifications, installing some special themes as well as using special analytics software.

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2.    Integrating the subscription forms

The best way to integrate both the software.

Email sign up widget

3.    Going beyond the email forms

If you are looking forward to all in one integration of the mail chimp and word press, then Launch effect will be your best choice- It is a word press landing page with an in build mail chimp integration. There is a paid version of Launch effect which offers many customized options but the basic version can handle the basic websites.

4. Sync the subscriber data between Mail chimp and word press seamlessly

Not only the default fields such as the names and the email addresses, but any type of information that you are collecting. From purchase histories to zip codes, you can create smart lists for your target group and maximize the effectiveness of your email campaign, by updating automatically.

5.    Email sign up widget

You can add innumerable sign up forms as you may like, with the support of your interest groups and also capture the custom merge fields that you are using. Optionally, you can create new word press user accounts or just pass on the information to the Mail chimp.

6.    Design as well as send the email campaigns directly from the word press

The email plugin brings Mail chimp’s email editor tools to the dash board of the word press. You also have the option to choose from the superior quality email templates available at Mail chimp, add your own text and images through the visual editor, send previews to the specific lists or addresses, schedule and send emails, all from the site of your own Word press.

7.    In depth analytics

See bounces, click-through and open rates and much more.

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