How to Move WordPress site to New Host or Server Without Downtime

Abhigyan Singh 25th Sep 2020

Migrating or transfer or move a website from old web hosting to a new web host or a new server is not that much hard you think. The biggest risk when moving a website to a new server or a new hosting company is data loss and potential downtime. Imagine you have tons of traffic and you need to change the hosting service provider for any reason than you simply can’t afford to lose any website data or traffic or to have a downtime. If you are facing such issues with your hosting service provider, you may want to migrate your website to a better web hosting server or web hosting company. In this article is a step by step to help you to move a WordPress site to a new host or server without downtime and data loss.

Before start, there is some companies offer free hosting migration. So, we want to remind you that the best WordPress hosting companies offer free migration services. There are,

  1. Hostgator
  2. Bluehost
  3. SiteGround
  4. InMotion

There are some risks during migration: You may –

  1. Break your blog
  2. Face downtime
  3. Loses your data

We just follow some steps for migration or transfer a website to a new hosting company or hosting server without any downtime or data loss.

Step 1: Choose New WordPress Hosting Company

When searching for another WordPress hosting provider, it's critical to pick painstakingly, so you don't need to move again at any point in the near future. After buying your new website hosting, do no longer set up WordPress. We’ll do this in a later step. For now, your new web host account ought to be absolutely empty, without documents or folders to your root folder.

Step 2: Install the Duplicator Plugin

Duplicator is a free WordPress plugin that we recommend for transfer a website. You can use it to move your WordPress website to a new domain name without losing any data or any SEO issue and zero downtimes. Now we will install the Duplicator plugin in our existing WordPress website admin area. Follow bellows picture like step by step procedure.


After activation plugins, we will create a new package for getting all data like PHP code, style code, image file, all of in our WordPress website. We will click the “Create New” button, then press “Next” for creating a new package. After clicking the next button, we will see a screen like the bellows image and finally press the “Build” button for creating a full package.

Fine, package creation is done. We will see like bellows screen.

Now, we need to download the “installer” and “archive” file for finally migration or move any WordPress website to a new host or server without any downtime. After download, we will create a new database and database user on our newly chosen hosting or server which one we bought recently.

Create a database from Cpanel. For creating a database from Cpanel, press the PHPMyAdmin icon and create a database name as your wish but the name should be secure. Then, create a user like the following bellows image.

Okay, fine. Database name and user creating are done. Now we need to privilege databases like bellows image. Click on the “All Privileges” checkbox to privilege database. Then, click “Make Changes” from the bellows of the window.

Okay. Database creation and database privileges are done. We will upload our backup file, which one we create from the duplicator packages system. We will upload the “installer.php” file and “archive” folder on the root folder of our domain (like the public_html folder in Cpanel).

After uploading the “installer.php” file and “archive” folder on the server, we need to browse our domain page like “”. After clicking this URL, we will see a dialog box like bellows image.

Now click the checkbox (I have read and accepted all terms & notices) and then click the “Next” button. After clicking the next button, we will see another dialog box like bellows image. Here we will put our previous created database name, dataset user name & password. After putting all information according to our previously created database & database user, will click the “Test Connection” button for checking database status. Then, we will click the next button for the next step.

After clicking the next button, we will see another dialog box like bellows image. Here, you can see your domain name, path & title. Then, again click the next button for the final step.

Okay, Fine. All install steps are done. Now, we will click the “Site Login” button to log in to our website admin area or WordPress admin area. Now put your previous WordPress user name and password and login to your admin area. You can see a notification like bellows images.

Its last step of the duplicator’s function and click remove installation file now. After removing all the installation files, we just need to change our name server from the domain control panel. I have changed the name server from

Now, change your name server according to your hosting provider company. It’s all about migrating or transfers or moves a website from old web hosting to a new web host or new server. If you face any issue or problem, ask throw comments without any hesitation.

Authored By Abhigyan Singh

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