How to setup CodeIgniter in localhost with WAMP Server

Abhigyan Singh 22nd Jul 2015

This tutorial will explain about to setup CodeIgniter in localhost with WAMP Server. As a web developer, everyone needs a web development framework to work. Before start working on any framework we need to setup or install it in our system. Installing CodeIgniter in your local machine is very easy. Before start working with CodeIgniter framework, we need to setup and test it properly.

The step to step instruction for setup CodeIgniter in localhost with WAMP Server is given below. Simply follow this instruction to setup CodeIgniter properly in localhost machine with WAMP Server.

Step 1: Install WAMP

To start web development first we need a server where we can run our application in our local machine. So before installing CodeIgniter in localhost, we need to install WAMP server in our local machine. WAMP stand for (Window, Apache, Mysql, PHP) provide a complete web development package where we can manage our local server setting, services. Start, stop the sever, Manage our application file etc.
 Click Here to download WAMP Server.
After clicking on that link you will get download option with distinct version.

1. WAMP SERVER 32 bit

2. WAMP SERVER 64 bit

According to your system configuration you can download a fresh package of WAMP Server.
After downloading the WAMP, Just double click the file and follow the simple instruction. It automatically gets install in your system with a complete package of  Apache, Mysql and PHP.

Step 2: Test WAMP

To test the WAMP Server, start the WAMP server application by double click the WAMP Icon.

Now your WAMP has successfully installed.

You can test your WAMP Just run localhost in your browser. you will see a page like this

Step 3: Download CodeIgniter

To download latest version of CodeIgniter Framework, Please click Download CodeIgniter Framework.

After downloading a fresh version of CodeIgniter Framework, now you are ready to install or setup CodeIgniter in your local machine with WAMP server.

Now just unzip the downloaded folder and paste it into you WAMP location

Just create your project folder inside this location and paste the unzip folder.

Step 4: Test CodeIgniter

To test CodeIgniter, just run your application in your browser. A welcome page will come, if it install successfully.

Now your CodeIgniter has been successfully installed.

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