How to Simply design your website with WordPress

Abhigyan Singh 06th May 2021

The web publishing software has made WordPress a piece of cake for website developers to develop websites. In case you find these website developers a bit costly and are looking to design your website yourself, you should definitely try WordPress. It's one of the most accessible platforms without any complications, and currently, about 40.5% of the top ten million websites use WordPress. We've put together six ways that'll help you customize your website and upgrade it with WordPress.

Install your theme on Wordpress

Are you looking to customize your WordPress website like a pro? The first step would be to install a WordPress theme. Find your inspiration by browsing through other websites and listing down your final picks. Get inspired by their themes but avoid copying them. You can install themes on WordPress by visiting your dashboard, clicking on Appearance, then Themes, and then selecting Add new.

Select the Upload Theme option and upload a zipped folder that will be containing the theme's files. Let it install, and then you can activate your theme accordingly. You should always go for a simple theme when customizing your website using WordPress. You will find all sorts of themes available on WordPress. These will include a multitude of niches and industries to pick from.

Avoid the premium themes and go for a simple design that will add to your website and business's personality. A simple theme will ensure that your website loads faster, and it'll surely leave a positive impact on the viewers. Simple themes are also relatively easy to set up and hardly consume much time. These themes wouldn't need any coding, and this would be very beneficial for all those beginners looking to customize their site.

Install necessary plugins

You will have to install all necessary WordPress plugins once you've activated your WordPress theme. This is quite simple to do. You must have already noticed a notification in your dashboard that mentions which plugins you'll need. A link will also be provided here, and it'll redirect you to an installation page accordingly.

As a beginner, you should go to select every plugin and then click on Install. You can visit the All Plug-ins sections and pick the Active ones from your drop-down menu.

Import content to your WordPress website

Importing your demo content will enable you to customize and set up your WordPress Website instantly. You can do so by busing Appearance from your dashboard and clicking on the Import Demo Data option. This process will require a few minutes, and once it's completed, you can visit your page layouts from the Pages tab in your dashboard.

Importing demo content will basically import all of your pages, theme settings, and blog posts if any.

Set up your menus

A navigation menu is crucial to include when customizing your website with WordPress. Visitors won't be able to navigate through your website if you don't have any menus included. This way, they'll be unable to find the information they're looking for and leave your website.

You can set up your menus on WordPress by visiting Appearance from your dashboard, selecting Customize, and then clicking on Menus. As you have the demo content imported, you must be having numerous menus formed already.

Update your font

Your website's character drastically depends on the font you pick. In case you haven't got an option where you can choose your font, it's probably because of the WordPress theme you've selected. Google Fonts Typography plugin will help solve this issue. Install it, and you'll be able to pick fonts from the Google Fonts Library. Always go for Google Fonts as it's considered to be quite professional and is always recommended.


To customize your website even more, you can include social icons, featured images, social share buttons, and an infinite scroll feature. It will surely give your website a professional touch and help lure in numerous visitors. You can also include a landing page since it's essential as that's what the visitors would view first. Make sure to utilize the ways mentioned above to create a customized website. Leave a comment for related concerns, and stay tuned for more updates.

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