Introduction to Titan Framework for WordPress Application

Abhigyan Singh 29th Nov 2015

The Titan Framework is not just an ordinary or another framework but a big brother to developers using Wordpress. Those who are in the industry since long are well aware how Wordpress has changed over time from a simple Blogging platform to full fledged Web Development Application. Millions of websites and blogs are running on Wordpress today. A large part of credit to this success goes to developers who put day in and night out efforts to keep Wordpress going. The Titan Framework is one such beautiful application brought out by Benjamin Intal, a native of Quezon City, Philippines.

His Twitter Profile reads: WordPress fanatic. Owner & Lead WordPress Developer of Gambit, Creator of Titan Framework.

The Titan Framework for WordPress helps application developers in creating Menus, Tabs, Meta Boxes and Theme Customization without writing heavy lines of codes. This facilitates them to save loads of time and hence concentrate more on application development and deploy beautiful websites, blogs and web applications.

So, what Titan Framework does with WordPress application?

The Titan Framework allows WordPress developers to build and deploy powerful plugins and themes by only writing few lines of codes. Though around only a year old, but this option framework is one of the most fluent frameworks available in the WordPress community. It has 20+ options and all you can customize according to your application requirements. Even if you are new to WordPress, with help of Titan Framework, you can create admin pages, tabs, options, meta boxes, theme customizer sections and panels like a professional. Also it has fused WordPress Settings API, Metaboxes and theme customizer sections/panels.

The set of options you get with Titan Framework are the same whether you want to create an admin panel or a metabox, or even if you are creating Theme Customizer sections.

How one can start working with Titan Framework?

Before Start using any framework in wordpress, you need to install a latest version of wordpress in your system. You can easily install wordpress using simple steps given in the link.

Once a developer gets hands on Titan Framework he / she can easily add flexibility to WordPress Themes and WordPress Plugins. To start working you need only to take three steps

1.    Set up your project.
2.    Create options.
3.    Get values.

Using Titan Framework for WordPress developers can create different containers; for example:

Admin panels

Tabs inside admin panels

Meta boxes with options in theme for any post type

Theme customizer sections and panels with options in them, some also support the Live Preview

In addition to the above, developers can add following more options at the time of writing and perhaps many more with all these in future.

1    Checkbox
2    Color picker
3    Date
4    Enable
5    Font Style
6    Heading
7    Media uploader
8    Number
9    Radio buttons
10    Radio image
11    Save and reset buttons
12    Select (drop down)
13    Select categories and taxonomies
14    Select pages and posts
15    Textarea

How much Titan Framework for WordPress costs?

It costs a lot; the sweat, the blood, the whole lot of time and efforts of Open Source Community. However, you don’t need to sale your money for using. The Titan Framework is 100& Free and Open Source. Get it from World’s Largest Code Repository; the GIT Hub. Download Titan Framework

You can use it for personal or business purposes without any restrictions. Create all options as you wish without worry for style. The Titan Framework auto generates and supports SCSS, the most popular CSS Preprocessors.

I am WordPress fanatic and I love playing with it.

Recently I used Titan Framework for one of my client’s website and I found working with it super enjoyable. Though number of options is not very broad but I hope this list will be extended soon by Benjamin and his team.

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Authored By Abhigyan Singh

He is a continuous blogger and has blogged on different topic. He loves to surf Internet and always trying to get new Idea about new Technology and Innovations and sharing these great information to all the technology lovers.