Is It Good To Build A Mobile App For E-commerce Business?

Manas Singh 07th Dec 2020

The desktop version of eCommerce Themes Websites has its own experience and believers. Whereas m-commerce has its charisma and believers. Both are not well aligned with each other conversely, they both are playing gigantic roles in their respective terms and providing the best customer experience.

However, according to, In 2016, 209.6 million US citizens were online shoppers. Moreover, they had browsed products, compared prices and purchased products at least once. Researchers forecasted that the number will reach up to 230.5 million by 2021 alone in the US.

For instance, 59% of people spend their time on a smartphone to purchase the product online.

Having a highly-responsive website for your eCommerce Themes Business is the beginning of your journey. Eventually, it’s time you have to change your business style by having a mobile app for your business. E-commerce mobile apps have their benefits whereas a mobile website has its persona.

Mobile Commerce

When the technology and business style changes, their functionalities and execution process changes too. Deliverance of content has become faster with the support of wireless technology. In the year 2018, there are a total of 194 billion apps downloaded which dramatically surpass 2017 data which was around 178 billion.

"That's not scrolling through my feed while waiting for the checkout line, that is actively shopping and using the platform as a utility to make choices in a highly relevant and contextual matter." - Sevilla

Things have become even simpler when someone holds a device which is the size of a palm. With the help of mobile app customers ingeniously check listing products, placing an order and getting the payment process done in just a matter of time.

You can simply browse on the internet and buy products etc without sitting in front of your desk along with scrolling down with a mouse.

The total numbers of people spending their time on the desktop version are specifically different. If we compare this with the mobile version then data says something else. 57% of people spend their time on a Smartphone or Tablet respectively.

Shopify said in its recent post that, last year in 2019, Shopify merchants across more than 175 countries have sold $2.9billion+ in worldwide sales and set the record.

After analyzing all the data, do you even ask yourself for once that being an owner of the e-commerce business, do I still want some other leverages regarding moving from e-commerce to m-commerce and is it beneficial for me or not?  The answer is simple.

People want everything in their hands in just a matter of time. Software solutions for mobile apps open more divergent roots which are all connected to the same end. Let’s see this with an example you have a Responsive Shopify Themes and you do everything with it to make it responsive.

On the other hand, you have a Shopify mobile app that is also responsive. What do you think of which Shopify module brings more customers to you?

Advantages of Having a Mobile App For Your E-commerce Store

Mobile apps availability is growing rapidly in the app store and iOS stores. If you already have an existing web-store that is built on the Best eCommerce Platform Solutions PrestaShop and now you want to introduce your business in the PrestaShop app too then, you should probably keep the following things in your mind.

There are a lot of advantages to having a mobile app for business but now, we're gonna introduce only one important one to you.

User Friendly and Glimpse of better user experience

No matter how much you make a Responsive eCommerce Shopify Themes, something always makes users uncomfortable. They won’t spend hours behind browsing on your website. In the case of mobile applications, people forget about how many hours they spend on the application. They keep browsing until or unless they get fully satisfied or their phone’s battery gets low.

Creating a user-friendly application means giving vast freedom to users, therefore, they can access your app anytime and anywhere. Most of the users close the application if it takes so much time to load the page.

Application’s page must load faster; moreover, it’s not only applicable on an application the same thing applies for the website too; in contrast, Reducing Page Loading Time in an application is a prominent user-experience your customers ever receive.

Besides, Add to cart and Add to wishlist is meant for users to put their favorite products into it so that next time when they visit your app they don’t have to find it again they simply go to these sections and purchase your product easily. Moreover, you can also send them notifications or messages to remind them that their product is waiting for them in Cart or the wishlist.

This caring part shows your customers that you are caring for them and the results will be like, your customers will automatically be started to trust in you and your brand. For instance, if you accomplish it in a better way then, you shine and get a respective place in a tough market.

Brand Verifiability & Recognition

Mobile apps create an embedded relationship between customers and brands. When people love anything they like to talk to everyone about that. Besides, social media is a prominent platform where people are sharing everything on it.

You just enable your social media handle and tell your customers that you can also share your product on social media and across the internet. With the help of this, you can also get the advantage of Word-of- digital-Mouth marketing in bonuses from customers.

Social media is a prime platform to build your brand’s presence using multifarious marketing ideas for your customers’.

People usually don’t notice notifications on desktop whereas, on smartphone push-notification idea works significantly. Decoy your customers by offering them discounts, happy hours, or festival sales by sending them push-notifications. With the help of this tactic, your customers make themselves ready for what’s next coming from your brand for them. If any query comes from your customer’s side then reply to their queries at a particular time. This is the way to gain a customer’s trust.

Instant Checkout Along With Multiple Payments Options Support

One of the major issues every customer’s faces after the checkout process is the minimum availability of payment options. This aspect is still not resolved by some websites & applications. It happens whenever the customer is more likely to stop on the final step of product purchase meant just because of the arduous checkout process.

The mobile application gives you the liberty of stripping the obstacle from the checkout process and making it simple. Since Amazon has introduced its wallet functionality, a lot of other eCommerce Companies have adopted this service and made their own brand’s wallet. Just add in one more seamless payment service along with other standard payment options and see the magic.


It has been said that data can be tracked and collected easily in the application. The mobile application gives you every possible detail about customers like, customer’s behavior, feedback, on which page or on which product they are spending more time or which product they like the most etc. This analytics will help you to make future updates based on this data, marketing & strategy marketing campaign, etc.

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The analytics of users is all about understanding a user's behavior. If you are fully able to understand this term, then you can simply reach your targeted audience.

Simplicity Drove By Creativity

Today some millennial designers are stuck in a misconception that if we use puzzles effects on the navigation page mean customers will solve puzzles to go on the 2nd page. we ‘ll say it’s a waste of time. No one has much time to sit and solve puzzles, in general, you can put some creative designing ideas that are adhering to standard navigation elements.

We know that everyone has an idea and they have the liberty to express it. We are also empowering youngbloods conversely, they must understand one thing that they may use standard designing elements. If you have a creative mind and ability to give a unique touch to standard designs then, please go ahead. People like it when they get uniqueness in a standard design.

The mobile application should be what customers are asking to be. You can only do creative stuff in an existing feature or else you can face a downfall of your active customers.

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