Joomla Site Marred by JavaScript Issues? How to Set them Right

Celin 02nd Nov 2014

Nowadays, a majority of web developers prefer implementing Joomla CMS using PHP that involves the usage of JavaScript(JS) and CSS. If you too belong to this group of developers then you've landed on the right post. Here, I'll be offering you a deep insight into all the commonly encountered JavaScript issues in Joomla websites and the best techniques of resolving them easily. 

JavaScript Usage- What is the current state?

Since Joomla uses JS through the CMS, there are chances for creation of maintenance overheads. The non-uniform usage of JS Libraries plays a vital role in reducing their reusability. The tight coupling of libraries with the DOM elements creates a problem under situations where a single page is made up of different views, depending upon the scripts. With the JS dependencies being loaded using a server side script, there's an existence of some unused scripts that tend to interfere with the basic functioning of the Joomla web portal.

Embracing new technology advancements is beneficial

Over all these years, the usage of JS(JavaScript) in Joomla websites has undergone radical changes. With heavier applications being introduced in the world of JS, developers have been successful in improving the overall user experiences. JS frameworks such as: durandal.js, angular.js and backbone.js are the pillars of effective development and management of JS code. With these JavaScript frameworks based on a wide range of architectural patterns including MVVM, MVC and MVP; web developers are able to compose a variety of hybrid components. It's time for the Joomla web developers to utilize the HTML5 features that can enable seamless operation of Joomla-powered web portals in all contemporary web browsers. 

Resolving a simple JavaScript error on a Joomla website's page

Although, a majority of JavaScript errors are caused by a particular extension or a combination of multiple extensions, if you tend to detect a JavaScript error caused due a reason different from themes, then it is absolutely mandatory for you to find the origin of the error. After identifying the extension, choose to disable it for ensuring the flawless functioning of the web page. Once the error has been eliminated, you can easily find the extension that caused the respective conflict. Finally, you can have a closer look at the extensions configuration option to check whether enabling/disabling the loading of a JavaScript library can resolve all the other encountered JavaScript errors.

Multiple time loading of jQuery in Joomla 2.5 must be avoided

There have been constant discussions regarding the steps that need to be taken for preventing jQuery from loading multiple number of times across a wide range of extensions. One of the finest solutions to this issue in Joomla 2.5 is registering via JApplication to check whether jQuery is completely loaded or not. Under situations where a third-party extension loads the jQuery library, you can opt for including the below code snippet for preventing the ZOO extension called Widgetkit from loading it multiple times.


With Joomla gaining a unique edge over other popular CMSs(Content Management Systems), the usage of JS needs to be improved by a great scale. You need to pay attention to all the concerns regarding the management of code and fix all the Javascript errors with immediate attention.

Authored By Celin

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