What is Microsoft Visio and how to install it

Abhigyan Singh 21st Sep 2020

Wondering how to download and install visio? If yes then I am here to help you out. There is no doubt on how useful visio is. However, despite being one of the most useful applications most of us do not have it installed on our computer. Even if we want to, not everyone is well aware of the process that we have to follow to install Visio on our computers.

However, if you too want to install Microsoft Visio on your computer and wondering which steps you have to follow. Then I am going to guide you in this article. So let’s just head into the post without wasting much of the time:

What is Visio and What does it do?

If you ever thought of creating diagrams on your computer, then you have come across Visio. In simple words, you can say that Visio allows you to create diagrams on your computer. It is one of the best applications out there to create flowcharts, floor plans and so on.

Moreover, you can use Microsoft Visio to create simple or complicated diagrams. It offers you a wide range of built in shapes, objects and other things to work. Even it allows you to create your own shapes and import them. The main idea behind Visio is to make the process of creating a diagram as easy as possible. So the user does not have to do extra work.

Whenever you launch the application, on the welcome screen only you will find a lot of different templates. Simply select any of them to start your project. Moreover, each of the templates equips you with the appropriate menu and objects already open and ready for use. Even you can also find more and more templates by searching via category wise.

However, the application is not free to use. Hence, before you start using it. You will need to purchase the application. So in case if you are wondering from where you can purchase Microsoft Visio at an affordable price. Then you can have a look at the softwarekeep.com.

Once you are done purchasing the software, simply download it. Also, make sure that you have the Key with you. As without the key you wont be able to install Visio on your computer.

How to download and install visio?

Now let’s just talk about the steps that you have to follow to install Visio. As you have already downloaded the software. So let’s just jump into the application isntalltion part directly.

Step 1: First of all you have to double click on the visio installer to start the installation wizard.

Step 2: Once you do so, you will find a window which will ask you to enter the product key. So simply enter the product key over here.

Step 3: Then click on the continue button.

Step 4: After that you have to accept the licence agrenment and clikc on the continue button.

Step 5: Next, it will give you two options Install now or Customize. If you want to make no changes at all. Then do hit the Install button. However, if you want to customize your installation, then go to the customize option and do the changes according to your needs and then hit the continue button. Also, if you are not sure about which option to choose. Then go with the install now option only.

Step 6: After that, it will take some moment and install Microsoft Visio on your computer. So wait for a while and you will find a close button. Simply click on it.

Once done, you are all set to use Microsoft Visio on your computer. Now go ahead and launch the application and see how it is working for you.

However, in case if you are lost with the installation process. Then do not worry, there are quite a lot of videos are available online. So you can check them out for further guide.

Pros and Cons Of Using Microsoft Visio


There are quite a lot of pros are there for using Microsoft Viso. Such as it has a lot of readymade diagramming shapes. As a result, you will not require to create a diagram from scratch. Also, it is one of the top software for creating diagrams out there and the number one choice for the professionals. It also offers you Cloud benefits. Plus, you can download it pretty easy and compatible across all the Windows versions.


However, if we talk about the cons there are not too many things that I can mention. But yes, it comes with an expensive price tag.

Final Words:

So that was all for the Microsoft Visio. Now go ahead and check them out and see how it is working for you. Also, for any questions do comment below.

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