Why Native Ads Are A Gold Mine For Marketing Your Online Business

Abhigyan Singh 24th Sep 2020

Despite the fact that ad blockers still thrive in the digital world, global ad spending on mobile devices is expected to reach $247.4 billion by 2020. This makes perfect sense since smartphones have become an undeniable part of today’s modern lifestyle. So, what does this to you as an online entrepreneur? The rise in usage of mobile ads will help boost your web marketing strategies and increase your ROI. However, some marketing strategies tend to be more profitable than others, with native ads falling on the higher side of the profit spectrum. Here’s what you should know about native ads and how they can benefit your online business.

Native ads in a nutshell

Native ads are a paid form of marketing that utilizes content that matches the feel, function, and looks of the media in which it is posted. The aim of posting native ads is to make them non-disruptive to the audience. There are plenty of native ad examples, with a good number of them being found on social media pages or even in online magazines as recommended content. Unlike the conventional display ads, they do not look anything like an ad. Instead, they mimic the appeal of the content in which they are employed.

How will your online business benefit from the ads?

Since it is estimated that native ads will account for 58.3% of ad display spending in 2018, it is clear that this form of advertising will soon outdo other types of ads. After some time of exposure to conventional ads, consumers have learned to be savvy against the advert-saturated world. Once they identify business ads, they will tend to avoid them. Some even use adblockers to their advantage. On the flip side, native ads tend to camouflage themselves in the content of the page or video in which they are used. This makes them unidentifiable, and less of a nuisance to the consumer. Other than improving the chances of consumers interacting with your businesses’ marketing message, they allow your business to take advantage of the trust and credibility that the place in which you are publishing has.

In order to increase your chances of reaching out to the right audience, you have to post your brand’s message in a platform that your target market has access to. On the other hand, getting some insights from established and experienced business experts could offer you a few ideas on how best to market your business in today’s digital world. For instance, CEO, Erik Gordon says, “In a world where digital marketing is evolving fast, the solution is to keep learning. This way, when the right opportunity comes up, you’ll be ready, with a whole set of new skills, business connections, and ideas to push you ahead.”

Are the ads sketchy?

There have been different opinions on the use of native ads. While many argue that the ads are in no way meant to trick the consumers to view them since they are labeled ‘sponsored,’ others say that these labels are too small for the user to notice. The bottom line is, that the ads are a win-win situation for all parties involved. Your business gets exposure, the audience gets informed, and the publishers further get paid for the service.

Spreading brand awareness is essential for increased market recognition. Unlike other ads, native ads use a façade to reach out to your target audience. Consider using them to enjoy the benefits that they promise to your business.

Authored By Abhigyan Singh

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