Nutra offers in 2023: trends and forecasts

Manas Singh 15th Dec 2022

What does “nutra affiliate marketing” mean?

Nutra means products for beauty and health. Nutra includes a thousand different products: products for weight loss, smoking cessation, maintaining the beauty of men and women, general well-being, diseases such as psoriasis, diabetes or fungus. There is always a demand for products from the nutra vertical, which is why affiliate marketers call it the green vertical. Nutra consumers are people who cannot cope with a problem for a long time or those who fanatically monitor their appearance.

There are several reasons why nutra offers are so popular:

  1. Demand. People have problems that cannot be eliminated in a short period of time. A simple example is excess weight. Therefore, people are willing to try different methods. And then they come across a nutra offer - a product in a beautiful package, with a powerful advertising campaign - and think they could also try this.
  2. Constant interest. If you take a specific product, sooner or later interest in it disappears. But soon an analogue appears on the market - the same product, but with a different name. Therefore, if in 2022 there was no interest in Joint Health, you could drive traffic to Joint Health Plus in 2023.
  3. Wide TA. Nutra vertical is adapted for any type of traffic. You will find all sorts of women's stuff here if you are on a women's blog, or body and muscle building products if you are on a popular sports blog.
  4. Easy payment. Nutra affiliate program makes payments faster than a betting service or casino. Moreover, an approved application is considered a lead in the nutra vertical, even if it has not yet been paid by the customer.

Nutra includes the following categories of offers:

  • Products for weight loss. Popular dietary supplements of any form: pills, tubes, sachets. When promoting, the emphasis is made on the rapid achievement of goals.
  • Drugs against pain in the joints and muscles. The main audience are athletes, as well as people who are very worried about their health. When promoting, the emphasis is made on natural components, rapid pain relief and the return of the joints to working capacity.
  • Enlargement products. They can also be presented in various forms. When promoting this type of offer, affiliate marketers focus on quick results and enjoyment of sexual intercourse.
  • Care products. This category is not wide, but it targets women who want to improve their appearance with natural products.
  • Potency stimulants. They can be used to attract both men and women. This type of offer allows affiliate marketers to focus on the absence of side effects and presence of the long-term effect.

Features of nutra offers

There is always a demand for nutra, so the vertical has a wide geo. And although the rates for offers in foreign countries are high, the cost of traffic is quite low. Because of this, CPA affiliate programs often recommend nutra to beginners. And you might think it is difficult to focus on something specific among so many offers, but it is enough just to analyze affiliate programs.

There are 3 approaches to the nutra vertical:

  • Cash-On-Delivery — the most popular model in foreign countries. The user leaves a request on the site, the call center contacts them and confirms the order. After that, the package is sent to the customer and they make the payment.
  • Payment by credit card — a model of direct product sales. Customers are not particularly willing to leave their card details on various sites, so this model is less popular than COD. But when the purchase is made on the site, the affiliate marketer receives a payment instantly.
  • Trial — a trial subscription to a product. The point of the model is that the user fills out a form where they leave their contact information and delivery address. They pay for delivery and receive a product sample for free. Affiliate marketers get small payments, but it is easier to work with this model than with payment by credit card.

With nutra, you can increase your income by upselling a product. This sales technique is to encourage the customer to buy a more expensive version of the product. For example, a product in a large package or a set of several different types of packages is displayed on the landing page. The larger the quantity of the product ordered by the user, the less will be the payment per unit of goods. The purpose of upselling is to increase the average check.

Best traffic sources in 2023

Before you decide on the best way to drive traffic to nutra in 2023, you need to know all the popular traffic sources:

  • Teaser — small ads that attract customers and are posted on various resources. It is quite difficult to monetize traffic from teasers, given that the user is not initially interested in the product.
  • Social networks — ads in thematic groups. You can also use targeted advertising, but you will have to use cloaking to bypass moderation.
  • Push notifications — personalized messages that pop up in browsers and mobile apps. They are cheap, but more in demand in dating.

Organic traffic will continue to be popular. You just need to choose a site with a theme relevant to the promoted offer, and you may not be afraid of blocking. A good option would be to drive traffic through doorways - thematic sites specially created to redirect traffic to advertisers' offers. Traffic through doorways costs as much as any search traffic.

Every year, users become more and more knowledgeable, so they “expose” most of the affiliate marketers’ tricks. It becomes more and more difficult to find a reliable link and encourage the user to take action, although the CPA network is constantly working to find effective links. A potential customer makes a purchase decision while on the landing page, which means it must be so convincing that the conversion takes place. The following rules will help you create an effective landing page for any offer:

  1. Color. Select the appropriate color depending on the audience of the offer. For example, if you have a women's product, use delicate colors and shades in the design. This technique allows you to position and push a potential customer to purchase.
  2. Features. You cannot use one landing page for all geos, because each country has its own mood. In Peru, stories with people who grow herbs will go great, but Mexico will not appreciate this approach.
  3. Photos. Users trust the product recommended by a particular person more. Therefore, it is very important to use real photos of people on the landing page. Try to select types of people that are similar to people of a particular geo.
  4. Format. Depending on the type of offer, select the appropriate promo and landing page format. If the offer is related to medicine, let a specialist advise it, confirming it with medical tests. Or it can be the story of a person who has tried this product. Then the landing page should be filled with a personal story, photos and reviews left by similar people.

Now you know how to drive traffic to nutra offers in 2023. Every year, this direction becomes more and more popular. However, despite all the advantages, users know more and more about the tricks of affiliate marketers and may not respond to promo materials that had high conversion rates a couple of months ago. In order not to lose conversions and income, you should discover new ways to attract traffic, experiment with promo materials, and constantly analyze advertising campaigns.

Authored By Manas Singh

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