Email API vs SMTP: Top Methods to Organize Email Sending

When you want to create an app with the email sending function you have to think about your method of email sending organization. There are two popular options that you can use for this purpose. The first one is called the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol and it is the most[...]

12th Jul 2022 Manas Singh
Planning for success: How to perform market research

Boom! You've had that magic 'aha' moment, and you think now is the right time to pursue your career as an entrepreneur. Huge congratulations are in order as, after all, many people struggle to get to this stage. However, while the beermat calculations might be over, this is only the[...]

06th Jun 2022 Manas Singh
Cryptocurrency Trading for Beginners

Being inspired by the success and enrichment that crypto trading brings, novice crypto users are eager to try it too. So in this article, we will propose a few cryptocurrency trading for beginners. Cryptocurrency trading has become really popular due to the crypto market's high volatility. How does cryptocurrency trading[...]

26th May 2022 Manas Singh
How Do You Create a Healthcare Website?

Healthcare websites are a vital part of the healthcare industry. They provide a way for patients to find information about doctors, clinics, and hospitals. They also allow patients to communicate with their healthcare providers and access their medical records online.  In fact, over 60% of consumers run a search before[...]

01st Jun 2022 Manas Singh
How to Optimize your SEO Conversions

Applying SEO in your business is not just enough anymore, especially in today's high competition. You also need to optimize your SEO conversions and make sure that you're getting the best results from them. The truth is that many businesses just don't know how to optimize their SEO. They don't[...]

11th May 2022 Manas Singh
Best Industries to Get into in Nashville

There are a lot of things that Nashville, Tennessee is known for. The top industries in Nashville are very popular as well. What are the best industries? The best industries to get into can include healthcare, the field of education, and utility jobs. Sure these jobs are specialty jobs, but[...]

24th Apr 2022 Manas Singh
How to use segmentation to increase the efficiency of your email campaign?

While more and more digital channels are evolving to reach out to the target audience, email marketing is still relevant. Its use is even increasing in recent times. Email marketing has the potential to provide you with exceptional returns on investment. According to stats, every USD 1 spent on email[...]

20th Apr 2022 Manas Singh
Benefits of trading listed options in the UK

Listed options are traded on an exchange, which means the buyer and seller trade through the exchange, which ensures that both parties follow the rules and regulations of the exchange. The exchange, therefore, regulates the prices of listed options, and they offer investors a high degree of liquidity. Therefore, trading[...]

16th Apr 2022 Manas Singh
Four In-Demand and Lucrative Careers for Job Seekers in 2022

The job market is constantly evolving and expanding, so much so, that it’s often difficult to know where you fit in. It’s important to find a career that is challenging yet rewarding, interesting yet fun, and accessible yet in demand. If you’re constantly searching for a job that works for[...]

16th Apr 2022 Manas Singh
Median Formula – Detailed explanation

Median Formula There are three main measures in mathematics that are used to find the average value for a set of numbers. The terms mean median, and mode are used to describe them. The measures of central tendency are made up of these three variables. Mean is used to calculate[...]

22nd Apr 2022 Manas Singh