pxtoem conversion calculator

Abhigyan Singh 10th Sep 2020

This PX to em conversion tool allow us to convert px into em. em is used to take the size from its defined parent size. Just enter your parent px size and your required font size. This calculator will calculate the required font size in em form.


PX to EM Conversion calculator

EM is a font measurement unit used in web design. EM calculate font size from its parent font. This em mainly used in responsive web design. If the body font size is 16px. Then 16px is equal to 1 em. so all the font is calculated from its defined parent font size.

pxtoem or px to em calculator formula

The formula for deciding font size in em is given below:

(Required PX Size / Parent PX size)
Now you can easily calculate font size in em of your responsive web design using our responsive web design px to em calculator.

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