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Manas Singh 30th Jan 2021

Instagram is at its epitome today. It is reaching new heights daily. Earlier it was just like any other portal for posting photos and videos of friends and family. But, the amount of success it has gained over time has invited marketers to craft a strategy exclusively for Instagram.

You by now would have understood that you cannot underestimate the power of Instagram. In today’s date, it holds exceptional power to boost your brand and product in the market. But it is not as easy as it may sound. It is not just about some clicks to help you create an account. You need to be patient and work hard for yourself if you want to create a NAME.

What I mean to say is, before boosting your product or brand; you need to boost your Instagram account. So, here I am with a pre-prepared list of tricks and tactics which would prove to be your ultimate guide in the process of boosting your Instagram account.

The more the followers, the better!

Instagram is all about followers. No matter how good your posts are, how pleasing they could be, but if you do not have many followers or if your profile is way too flat, you would not go far. But like everybody and everything in life, here also you begin with ‘zero’ – I meant, zero followers. So, your first goal should be to get more Instagram followers and to keep them entertained. You can also consider buying real Instagram followers from authority website – it’s almost an instant boost to your Instagram account.

Cross Promotion works wonders

There are more chances than not that you would have established your name on other social media platforms. So why not use it as a tool to boost your Instagram account? This is termed as a masterstroke in the marketing arena. Even if you do not have an established name on other social media platforms, you could always add links to your bio, making it easier for people to discover you.

Content counts

If you are an entrepreneurship student, you must have heard the customer is king. But let me tell you, there is another king in the world of Instagram, and that is ‘content’. Yes, Content is King. Remember, Instagram is not the place where you can post just ANYTHING! You are not posting for yourself, but for your brand. Keep in mind what impression would your posts create on your audience. Will it tarnish the brand or promote it? Be wise with your content so that you can grab the attention of the audience. Post high-quality videos and pictures. Your posts must be aesthetically pleasing for your brand to have a name of its own.

Competition is important

Like every other aspect of the business; competition would prevail in here too. So, never like NEVER blink an eye on your competitor. Remember, they are also targeting the same set of audience as yours and it is your job to ensure that they don’t get ahead of you. You need to monitor what your competitors post and how they post. Keep a note of their reaction and responses they are getting. In the process, you never know, you might find something positive for yourself.

It’s all about being PROactive

Your consumer did not hit that follow button to not see any of you for a long period. So make sure you give them the desired matter. Select your timings, schedule your posts, track the comments and keep it consistent. Remember, it is not just you, but your followers too.

Bonus Tip –

Keep the conversation strong, acknowledge their comments, answer their questions and do everything else needed to keep your followers. All this would increase your credibility and visibility at the same time, but just replying to comments and answering questions is not enough. You need to deliver the intention of your posts to your audience. For this, adding a ‘Call to Action’ would be a great move – like, ‘Visit the link in the bio (for your website)’ or ‘Drop in your opinions about the post’ – anything that defines the next step of your audience is CTA.

Don’t forget to drop in your comments about how these tips helped you boost your Instagram Account!

Authored By Manas Singh

He is a continuous blogger and has blogged on different topic. He loves to surf Internet and always trying to get new Idea about new Technology and Innovations and sharing these great information to all the technology lovers.

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