The Right Email Marketing Campaign Can Help You Create Repeat Customers

Abhigyan Singh 22nd Nov 2017

Not only are repeat customers likely to spend as much as 67% more than new customers, Bain & Company also found that in some industries a 5% increase in customer retention can yield up to 25% higher profits. Creating new customers is an essential part of growing your business revenues, but you may be missing a golden opportunity by not focusing on customer retention.

You can help to improve customer retention with a targeted email marketing campaign.

Collecting Email Addresses

Before you can start an email marketing campaign to target repeat customers, you have to make sure you’re collecting email information from your customers. If you have an online store, this is very easy to do. You can automatically collect customer email addresses when orders are complete by asking to send a notice of confirmation or a receipt via email. You may also create the option to opt-in or opt-out of receiving promotional offers at the point of sale.

Building your email list is something you should be doing anyway. If you’re not already collecting email addresses from online customers, you need to start right away!

Finding a suitable email marketing tools

Once we have enough list of emails, now it is the time to choose a best email marketing tool that can help you to engage your customer effectively with your business. Here you are trying to conveince your customer by email so it very cruical that your landing page or email content must have used psychological principle so that it can get good attention of visitors and make your campaign successful.

Retention-Based Email Marketing

Email marketing is a fantastic medium for targeting repeat customers. It’s direct without being invasive, yet it also allows for a great mix of personalization and automation. No matter how simple or easy it is to you, you still need to put some thought into how you’re marketing through emails.

Your existing customers don’t need the same type of marketing as new leads. They’ve already bought from you and hopefully had a great experience with your product or service. At this point, your email campaign should be considered an after-sales marketing campaign and should be different from marketing to new leads. If you use the same marketing strategies for new leads and repeat customers, you may not be getting the same value as you would from separate, targeted campaigns.

Retention Campaigns Versus Acquisition Campaigns

Customer acquisition campaigns are usually aimed at showing leads all the benefits they would get from buying your product or service. This is usually effective for new leads, but it’s not a great strategy for after-sales marketing. Instead, an after-sales marketing campaign is focusing on retaining existing customers and convincing them to buy again. People who have bought from you before are more likely to buy again, but you must do something that’s actually valuable to them in their current situation!

Most customers are already aware of the value your product provides, so it’s time to build on that. Show them products or services that add more value to what they’ve purchased, appeal to similar tastes, or in some way enhance their current experience. All of these strategies can give better results for after-sales marketing instead of using a generic new lead marketing strategy.

3 Tips for Creating Repeat Customers with Email Marketing

Need some ideas about how to target repeat customers through email campaigns? Here are a few suggestions:

1.    Don’t neglect transactional emails

Transactional emails are those that are sent after purchases are made, confirm shipping, or otherwise provide vital information to customers. They have a very high open rate and almost always end up begin important emails to your customers, making them a potentially useful tool for appealing to customers to buy again.

Although you need to stick to the basics and make these emails functional, not promotional, you can add elements inside that will help encourage another purchase later on. Be subtle, but make sure you’re using transactional emails to your advantage.

2.    Keep in touch without spamming

Spam is always an unattractive quality in emails. Sending numerous emails to customers without being asked is obnoxious and unnecessary. You can have a perfectly effective after-sales email marketing campaign without spamming customers. Keep in touch, but don’t spam. Newsletters, periodic check-ups, useful or relevant follow-up information, and other types of communication will usually have a better result than frequent, spamming messages.

3.    Personalization matters!

It’s not as difficult as it sounds to add a little personalization to your marketing emails. Don’t just send out the same copy-paste emails to everyone. Add some personal touches to make the message more relatable and more relevant to the person receiving it. Instead of sounding like an automated message (even if it is one), make your emails sound like a real person wrote them to the specific person receiving them. If time is a factor in putting together solid campaigns, hire an agency that offers digital marketing services that can manage the campaign for you.

Email marketing can work well to help you keep customers coming back for more. But, you need to learn how to use it well as a tool for after-sales marketing! Don’t make the mistake of lumping all marketing emails together. Form a separate strategy that’s more appropriate for people who have already bought something from you before. Using email marketing for customer retention can have fantastic benefits for your company if you’re willing to do it right.

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