Simple Free SEO Tools to Instantly Improve Your Marketing

Manas Singh 24th Jan 2021

If you search for free simple seo tools that can help you improve your marketing instantly, you might want to read this post.

Today we have collected information about the simple free seo tools that can help you improve content marketing!

Answer the public!

This is not just a phrase, but it is a comprehensive tool to easily find out the questions being asked by people on the web.

List of free SEO tools to improve your marketing strategy

This tool gets you information directly from Google's search database. It would provide you with the best ideas for generating new topic ideas to serve content to your audience. This is a freemium tool; you can only make two searches in a day with this service.

Google Keyword planner!

The Google keyword planner service is another important free seo tool that can help you search for the right keywords. You can generate tons of keywords in less than ten seconds with this online tool. This tool cannot get you the exact relevant keywords for your content. It can only provide you with the basic ideation based on which you can find the perfect keywords. You can also use the keyword suggestion tool by SearchEngineReports for this purpose.

Ahref Keyword generator

The keyword generator service by Ahref is one out of dozens of free services offered by this website. This tool can get you hundreds of keyword ideas and the most relevant ones that you should use in your content. This website tool has a database that is spread over ten billion keywords that it has collected from the search queries of 150+ countries. This tool can also tell you about the keyword difficulty score.

Google trends

This tool also belongs to Google and is one of the most popular ones for finding details about the ongoing topics and discussions on social media or conventional webpages. With this tool, you can easily pin down the interesting point of your audience. This tool's data results can help you a lot in setting a new topic for your content or getting different keyword ideas.

Rank Math

This is another simple seo tool that can also be used as a WordPress plugin. Here are a few things with which rank math can help you:

  • You can easily add titles, OG tags, meta descriptions and other postal stuff with this tool.
  • You can add structured data and markup for rich snippets.
  • You can redirect URLs.
  • You can find dead backlinks and fix them with this tool.


The quality of your content is very much important for SEO. If your content is not having good quality and structure, it would definitely be rejected by the webmaster and the search engines. You must know that this online tool is best for checking all sorts of mistakes in your content. You can check your work for spelling, grammar and punctuation errors with this online tool. Not only you can check your work for these mistakes, but you can also replace them with the best solutions. This tool helps a lot in the improvement of quality.


This is an incredibly famous seo tool that can help you check your work for originality. You must know that this plagiarism checker can be used free of cost but with some limitations. The accuracy rate of this plagiarism checker is quite high. This is why it is considered the best choice for screening out deliberate and accidental plagiarism from your content. You must know that plagiarism can ruin your credibility and can take down your SER position, so it is important that you always check plagiarism before publishing content!

Check SEO with website seo checker by SmallSEOTools!

To check the score of your website, you can easily use the website seo checker by Small Seo Tools. This is one of the hundreds of free services offered by this website. You must know that this seo site checkup tool can check the score of any website and page for free and without any limitations. You have to enter the domain address of a site or a keyword in the tool's input bar and press the 'check seo score' button. The seo checker would get you details about your site, which would help you understand what you need to change, replace, and remove from your site.

This seo checker tool provides the data based on which you would be able to:

  • See what's going on your website on a general level.
  • You can discover SEO issues on your site and can get them fixed.
  • You can remove the elements that are not contributing to the score of your site.

There are many more tools that can help you check seo and improve it, but can try either of these services listed above. These tools would surely help you optimize your site and improve your productivity!

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