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Abhigyan Singh 04th Oct 2017

There are hundreds of apps available that promise to help you manage your time efficiently and get more done with your day. Increasing your productivity by using technology in one of the advantages of living in the information age. However, with so many apps available, how do you choose the few that are worth your time and effort?

We understand that you are looking for apps to save time, not take more of it from you. With this in mind, we decided to do the research for you and found some top apps that will help you at any point of the day.

Apps for Breakfast

Do you struggle to get started in the morning? Does it take you ages to open all of your email accounts and finish browsing your morning news sites? The morning has the potential to be the most productive time of the day. However, if you fail to get started, then you lose out on the momentum that you could have built during the morning.

Get to work right away with Newton. Newton allows you to conglomerate all of your email accounts into one user-friendly, easily managed dashboard. Don’t waste time logging in and out of accounts, use Newton to bring together all of your email duties into one platform.

Trello should be your next stop for an app that lets you collaborate with international team members. Trello allows you to work offline and includes exciting features such as Trello card-snooze, which allows you to organize overdue tasks and arrange them into your schedule for completion during the week.

Never Lose the Time

Managing a remote team can be a challenge, especially when you consider that it’s not the same time in every time zone around the world. Never call your team members in the middle of the night again, use Timezone to keep you informed of the time of the locations of your team members anywhere in the world.

Apps to Keep Your Focus

FocusList is a handy app that you can use to ensure that you are making the most out of your workday. Build custom to-do-lists and then schedule your tasks with a timer function. FocusList allows you to create an environment where you are squeezing the most out of every minute.

Manage Documents Easily

Soda PDF has launched the first fully functional online PDF solution. PDF suites are notoriously large programs that struggle to fit on the hard-drives and memory cards of mobile devices. Previously, users were limited by the amount of functionality of PDF solutions, with the majority just offering one tool such as a PDF converter or editor.

Now you can access an entire PDF solution directly from your mobile phone. You will never have to wait to get behind your desktop to convert that HTML file or send an invoice. Soda PDF is a truly revolutionary technology that improves productivity.

Unwind on the Way Home

Your drive or train ride on the way home doesn’t have to be a mind-numbing experience anymore. Overcast lets you access the top-rated podcasts, giving you something to listen to on the way home that informative, educational, and entertaining.

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