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How to Build an AngularJS Single-page App for Login with Authentication

AngularJS is one of the most famous front-end development frameworks preferred by developers these days. It makes easier to develop single page application containing dynamic contents without any hurdle. In this article, I’m going to develop a simple sign-in application containing common fields- username and password for making a login.[...]

02nd Dec 2018 Abhigyan Singh 0
AngularJS Routing Example and Single Page View Tutorial

In this tutorial I will tell you what is routing in angularjs, how to implement routing in angularjs and how to manage different views in on angular app. It means that we can display multiple view in a single page. In my previous Tutorial, we have learnt "AngularJS Tutorial RESTful[...]

01st Aug 2016 Abhigyan Singh 0
AngularJS Tutorial RESTful JSON Parsing

In this tutorial I am going to explain you how to parse data to your angular application using RESTful JSON or you can incorporate data using other API’s too, to do the following we are going to use $http service. Here we can parse data using RESTful JSON. AngularJS $http:[...]

16th Jul 2016 Abhigyan Singh 0
AngularJS Controller Tutorial with Example

This tutorial will explain about AngularJs Controller with live example. As we know that Controllers are the main directives who controls AngularJs application. Here we use ng-controller directive for controller example. Let us see live demo of AngularJs for better understanding. What is Controller in AngularJS? Controllers in AngularJS exist[...]

09th Jul 2016 Abhigyan Singh 0
Two Way Data Binding In AngularJS with Directives

In this post I am going to explain two way data binding in AngularJs, two way data binding means data is being synced between model to view and view to model in realtime, which means view gets updated as soon as model get change and vice versa. It means that[...]

02nd Jul 2016 Abhigyan Singh 0