How to Create RestFul Api in CakePHP 3 with Mysql

To have your app restfully is a good way to increase your app audience. REST is an XML-based method to allow access to your app using HTTP headers. It is light, simple, and have well-organized formats that organize even a very complex application. CakePHP and Rest CakePHP framework allows you[...]

23rd Sep 2016 Abhigyan Singh 0
AngularJS Tutorial RESTful JSON Parsing

In this tutorial I am going to explain you how to parse data to your angular application using RESTful JSON or you can incorporate data using other API’s too, to do the following we are going to use $http service. Here we can parse data using RESTful JSON. AngularJS $http:[...]

16th Jul 2016 Abhigyan Singh 0
Post into facebook page using graph API with PHP

Facebook is most popular social media platform in the world. Facebook provide various open sources API for develop many kinds of apps, games, social services functionality. I have used Facebook own language named Facebook Query Language. For understand below tutorial you must have knowledge of Facebook application development and their[...]

19th Jun 2016 Abhigyan Singh 0