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3 Benefits Of A Hardware Firewall During This Pandemic

There is a full-blown pandemic unfolding in front of us. A lot of people made the transition into working from their own homes. A considerable number of businesses have closed for the time being. That does not mean human life has come to a complete halt. businesses a lot of social[...]

15th May 2020 Manas Singh 0
Bridging the gap between home automation and the enduser

The very prospect of a smart home  has always been like something out of a futuristic dream. However, has the dream turned into a reality? Read on to know more. Why do you need a smart home? The fundamental principle behind home automation is to ensure user convenience and enhanced[...]

11th Feb 2019 Manas Singh 0
UK Internet Censorship – What You Need To Know

Online censorship is the last battlefield in the battle for freedom of information and access to free content and knowledge. Just living in Russia means that your access to the media is restricted, while across the border in Finland, access to torrents can only be limited. In contrast, some countries,[...]

29th Nov 2018 Manas Singh 0
11 Easy Tips To Keep Your Smartphone Virus Free

Whether your smartphone of choice is an Android or an iPhone, it’s a big investment, not to mention your lifeline to pretty much everything important - all your contacts, your online banking and shopping, how you keep up with friends and family, checking in with your job when you’re not[...]

20th Oct 2018 Manas Singh 0
How to Grow your Business with Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has emerged as a solution to complex problems of small and medium enterprises. It is affordable, and you can scale up and down your resources as per changing requirements. The pay what you use feature allows organizations to migrate their business operations and infrastructure over the cloud. Companies[...]

12th May 2018 Manas Singh 0