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The Best Computers for Day Trading on Robinhood

Stock trading is a common activity for many, but some people choose to make a career out of it. If you want to do that, you will need not only the knowledge to make good decisions, but also a machine that can handle the workload. For those of you day[...]

29th Apr 2020 Abhigyan Singh 0
Enterprise Data Storage Basics: 5 Things You Need to Know

Not everyone is a computer expert, but there isn’t any need to be. Even an expert in their field knows when it is time to call in a third party for advice. Luckily for you, we know all about data storage, disk drives, and how your business can stay safe[...]

01st Mar 2020 Abhigyan Singh 0
6 Tips for DIY troubleshooting computer issues

Tech failures are more maddening, debilitating, and exasperating than losing car keys or stubbing a toe. It’s an unfortunate reality that technical glitches tend to simply morph into new ones, but are never truly eliminate troubleshooting computer That isn’t to say personal and business computing hasn’t massively evolved since the internet[...]

19th Dec 2019 Abhigyan Singh 0
Top 8 Common Networking Cable Errors

Network cable connection plays a huge role in today’s modern world. It enables several connections between the systems of our homes, establishments, and businesses. Several business owners are still making bad mistakes in the cabling process when setting up their network cable system. They don’t know that these mistakes can[...]

11th Oct 2019 Abhigyan Singh 0
Why is a battery discharge tester important for notebook computers

Lithium-ion batteries power almost all laptop or notebook computers. These types of machine are becoming increasingly powerful, which, as a result, means that manufacturers are demanding more powerful batteries or cells. Manufacturers and suppliers, therefore, need a variety of battery testing equipment with arguably the most critical piece of battery[...]

08th Sep 2019 Abhigyan Singh 0
5 Defence Measures You Should Have in Your Cybersecurity Plan

cybersecurity Your cybersecurity plan is a vital aspect of your business to protect your customers, employees, and highly sensitive information. After all, having a cybersecurity plan in place means you’ll have security policies and strategies prepared to guard against potential threats. A cybersecurity plan also allows you to manage security[...]

19th Aug 2019 Abhigyan Singh 0
What is the purpose of Togaf?

Togaf or The Open Group Framework is a methodology that works as a framework provider for the software development of the enterprises. With the fast-growing nature of society, new evolutions are needed in order to manage such new changes. Hence, new introductions are needed that can help individuals in managing[...]

05th Aug 2019 Abhigyan Singh 0
The Complete History Of PCBs

Do you think that you know a bit about PCBs? Printed circuit boards have been around for many years, but they have also evolved a lot over this time. As electricity and new products started to be invented, so did PCBs and now we use them everywhere. Here, we are[...]

21st May 2019 Abhigyan Singh 0
Most Common Cyber Security Threats And How To Fight Them

The battle between cyber criminals and businesses has been going on for years, with neither side gaining a defining edge over the other. It remains as a constant war of binary and online security. The good news is that there are ways to safeguard your business against the threat of[...]

04th Jan 2018 Abhigyan Singh 0