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Adding Zoom Effect on Image Hover with CSS and jQuery

In any web application, JQuery and CSS have become important for making an interactive user interface. Today we will use a little bit of CSS and JQuery for adding the Zoom effect on Image. Using this effect image size will increase or zoom when the user will hover on the[...]

18th Dec 2016 Manas Singh 0
Fixed Navigation Bar Minimizing On Scroll Down

This tutorial will explain about to create fixed navigation bar minimizing on scroll down. When user scroll down then navigation bar will become fixed and the navigation bar will minimize in its size. This happened with just use of HTML and jQuery. What we will do in this tutorial? You[...]

26th Jan 2016 Manas Singh 0
Use Google AdSense Ads Responsive Banner in Responsive Website

Now as we know the number of mobile devices increasing rapidly so the use of the internet moves on mobile devices and so we are moving our website in a Responsive layout which is compatible with all mobile devices as well as desktop. So when we move our website in[...]

25th Sep 2015 Manas Singh 0
Understanding the Proper Way to Use Media Queries in Responsive Design

Responsive web design (also referred to as RWD) has become an indispensable part of web design - thanks to the need of making sites accessible across multiple devices. In fact, its popularity has exploded after the release of Google's "mobile-friendly" update. While you may find plenty of responsive WordPress themes[...]

06th Aug 2015 Ava Garcia 0
Media Queries breakpoints for Standard device in Responsive Web Design

In this tutorial we will learn about Media Queries breakpoints in Responsive Web design. Media Queries breakpoints are an important rule or setting to create responsive design. The main goal of responsive we design to have a better user experience while browsing the site in any devices. So for setting[...]

17th May 2015 Manas Singh 0
Difference between display:none and visibility:hidden in CSS

In some situations, we required to hide some HTML elements like any DIV, p tag, span tag, etc. So for hiding these HTML element from HTML page, we use display:none and visibility:hidden. Both features is use to hide HTML element but main difference between these is to removing element from[...]

14th May 2015 Manas Singh 0
Create Fixed Sticky Footer Notification Bar in HTML

This tutorial will demonstrate how to create fixed footer bar in html. Here we use simple HTML code to create fixed bar. This type of Sticky footer bar is very important when we need to show some main feature of website, some highlight or any notification because this sticky bar[...]

04th Apr 2015 Manas Singh 0