How to generate QR Code using php

QR code is just a conventional two dimensional barcode or a matrix barcode which is using for a quick response or to retrieve small piece of data by scanning the QR image from your phone or any QR scanner. These days, several  recent applications are using QR code to store[...]

28th Jul 2020 Abhigyan Singh 0
How Online Shopping Can be a Confusing Process

Okay, so we live in a world today where virtual shopping takes precedence over other purchasing methods. This is a really great thing for most of us. Online shopping takes us directly to our favorite stores and vendors without leaving the comfort of our own bedroom if we so choose.[...]

12th May 2020 Abhigyan Singh 0
Role of Shopify Apps in eCommerce Business Project Success

Shopify apps are considering an important source to make money online on behalf of the best influencing features. There are many useful points of interest and business profit generation plans which require great attention and support to meet with the trusts and the confidence levels of the interested communities. Find[...]

19th Apr 2020 Abhigyan Singh 0
How to Build an Online E-Commerce Store

Building an online store is a great way to make some money. If you do it right, you could eventually see passive income. This is a great option if you’re in school and need some extra cash. But getting started can be tricky. Luckily, you don’t need a lot of[...]

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Why Are The Xfyro The Best Wireless Earbuds That Can Adapt To Any Lifestyle?

Do you know what the truth is about using headphones or earphones in our digital, modern age? Wires are frustrating! Almost everyone is tired of getting tangled up in wires and looking for a perfect pair of wireless earbuds even though it means getting into the clutches of Bluetooth connectivity.Interestingly,[...]

04th Apr 2019 Abhigyan Singh 0
How to Make Residual Income Online with an Ecommerce Website

It’s important to know that e-commerce as a way of earning money is not as easy as it sounds; at least not at first. However, once you’re set up, and you have established your credibility as an online business, you see the income stream even when you’re on vacation! In[...]

26th Nov 2018 Abhigyan Singh 0
Integrate PayPal Payment System in php and mysql

This tutorial will explain to integrate PayPal payment system in php and mysql. PayPal is most popular payments method and money transfers method through the Internet. We received requests from our viewer that asked to me "how to integrate PayPal payment system in php and mysql". So, bellows tutorial we’ll[...]

28th May 2016 Abhigyan Singh 0
How to integrate EBS payment gateway in PHP

Here we will show to Integrate EBS payment gateway in PHP. As php is widely used for web development or in ecommerce site. EBS stands for E-Billing Solutions.  EBS provides secure payment gateway for online payment processing via credit card, debit cards and Net banking. It’s open source system that[...]

20th May 2016 Abhigyan Singh 0
Flying product Images to shopping cart using jquery effect

This tutorial going to show you how to create flying product items to the shopping cart in your Ecommerce Website. When a visitor click on 'add to cart' button, the container of the product will fly into the cart on the header. This effect is very attractive in ecommerce portal.[...]

20th Apr 2016 Abhigyan Singh 0
What is ORDER TO CASH (OTC or O2C)

The order-to-cash (OTC or O2C) process contains everything from the order, packaging, and delivery of goods and services to depositing the money in the bank. Order to cash (OTC or O2C) is a set of business processes that involve receiving and fulfilling customer requests for goods or services. It is[...]

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