SEO Checklist When Creating a New Website

Getting a new website ready for launch is an exciting time. But before you click that launch button, you need to make sure your SEO strategy is in place and locked down. The minute your site goes live, you’re on the radar for search engines and audience traffic, so you[...]

11th Mar 2020 Abhigyan Singh 0
The 5 most effective SEO tactics of all time

There are over thousands of effective SEO techniques that can be made a part of a tailor-made SEO plan. While you can search the internet and come up with a few strategies of your own, there is a thick chance that these strategies are being used by many and the[...]

02nd Aug 2019 Prince Kapoor 0
Autocomplete Places Search Box using Google Maps JavaScript API

Sometime you might need to add google map on your website or app for searching location or direction of place. It is easy to find out location or direction to reach on any location by using Google map. Type place name, autocomplete address suggestion appear then select desired address or[...]

26th Jan 2017 Abhigyan Singh 0
Google Charts or graph with PHP, Mysql and AJAX

Here we will learn Google Charts with PHP, Mysql and AJAX like Pie Chart, Column Chart, Bar Chart, Line Chart. Charts or graph are used for graphical representation of data and are useful when you want to show your data or information in quick overview format. There are lot of[...]

13th Sep 2016 Abhigyan Singh 0
Integrate YouTube API with PHP for data and Video Analytics

YouTube is currently world’s most popular video sharing website. Over three billion hours of videos are watched every month and over 72 hours of video content is uploaded every minute. It also provides offline facility in which you can watch video offline once you save it. Today we would know[...]

27th Aug 2016 Abhigyan Singh 0
Create Google OAuth API and Developer Key

Google API is a most important part to access google based services. There is various type of google based services like BigQuery API, Blogger API v3, Contacts API etc. But to access these services we need Google OAuth API and Developer Key. In this simple tutorial you will learn that[...]

30th Nov 2013 Abhigyan Singh 0
Login With Google Account OAuth in PHP, Mysql

Login with google account is very important in Web Technology. It save the user's time to fill all your field in registration field. By using this you can directly ask your user to login with his existing gmail id. So it save user time. And you can store you user's[...]

30th Nov 2013 Abhigyan Singh 0