How to resolve long http request timeout

We stuck in some situation where we encounter with the HTTP request timeout problem. This kind of HTTP request timing out may happen due to very heavy and complex manipulation of code and queries or have receive high traffic, poorly coded script or have some host issue. This long HTTP[...]

19th Jul 2020 Abhigyan Singh 0
3 Benefits Of A Hardware Firewall During This Pandemic

There is a full-blown pandemic unfolding in front of us. A lot of people made the transition into working from their own homes. A considerable number of businesses have closed for the time being. That does not mean human life has come to a complete halt. businesses a lot of social[...]

15th May 2020 Abhigyan Singh 0
Four Ultimate Ways, a VPN Browser Extension, Can Safe Your Online Identity

Nowadays, cyber crimes are increasing day by day, and as a result, the overall importance of cybersecurity & data privacy has increased. Every year IT experts are developing new solutions to ensure maximum data privacies while staying online. But it is a bitter fact that most of the internet users[...]

28th Apr 2020 Abhigyan Singh 0
Easy-To-Use Free Online Slideshow Creator

  Have you ever been at an event taking pictures and thought, “I wish I could share my amazing photos with everyone while they are still here.” As a photographer and as a millennial, I take a lot of photos. I often take them during live events or meetings where[...]

04th Feb 2020 Abhigyan Singh 0
Top File Converters of 2019

file converters File conversion is a necessity of our generation, due to the rapid digitalization of our times, documents, videos, audios, and pictures require a format to be displayed on, and as times progressed thousands of formats have come to be as ways to view these media, but some people[...]

30th Nov 2019 Abhigyan Singh 0
Helpful Websites for Students

Today, students have lots of learning opportunities, regardless of financial status. It doesn’t matter where you live as you can get a certificate online. Distant learning has become one of the most common types of getting an education. Moreover, there are many helpful websites for students with free access to[...]

20th Nov 2019 Abhigyan Singh 0
What can you do if the domain name you want is already taken?

It can be quite frustrating coming up with what is to you the perfect domain name for your website, only to arrive at your favorite domain name registrar, run a search for your domain name and find out that someone has already registered it. Sometimes, the owner of the domain[...]

14th Nov 2019 Abhigyan Singh 0
Getting Started With Domain Names

What Is A Domain Name? A domain is a website's name. It is used to point people to a specific location where your website is housed (hosted). Domains are typically used to identify IP addresses by humans via the web. Domain are unique identifiers that differentiate the various websites on[...]

14th Nov 2019 Abhigyan Singh 0
5 Defence Measures You Should Have in Your Cybersecurity Plan

cybersecurity Your cybersecurity plan is a vital aspect of your business to protect your customers, employees, and highly sensitive information. After all, having a cybersecurity plan in place means you’ll have security policies and strategies prepared to guard against potential threats. A cybersecurity plan also allows you to manage security[...]

19th Aug 2019 Abhigyan Singh 0
Meet The Choice of Forex Investors

You will need to be informed thoroughly by experts and financial gurus if you are to be a successful investor. Forex investment has become one of the most attractive gems in the investment world because of its profitability. However, this only becomes a reality when you are informed and equipped[...]

16th Aug 2019 Abhigyan Singh 0