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How to Grow your Business with Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has emerged as a solution to complex problems of small and medium enterprises. It is affordable, and you can scale up and down your resources as per changing requirements. The pay what you use feature allows organizations to migrate their business operations and infrastructure over the cloud. Companies[...]

12th May 2018 Manas Singh 0
Why The Digital Reputation Of Your Business Is So Important

We live in the digital era. Back in the day, public relations was all about your brick and mortar locations, word of mouth, and of course your local source of news. But now businesses need to start turning their attention to the cyber world. How is your cyber cred? When[...]

01st Mar 2018 Manas Singh 0
Technical Writing – Designing Your Document

There are essentially two types of contract for technical authoring which one you choose will set the tone for your working relationship with your chosen writer. It’s important to fully understand the risks and benefits of each kind of agreement before you go ahead with placing any work. Fixed Price[...]

20th Dec 2017 Julie Bradlie 0
How the Internet of Things is Changing Mining

Innovation is essential for every industry. The world is constantly changing and no industry or business can afford to be left behind. One of the biggest drivers of change is technology – things such as the Internet of Things (IoT) are pushing boundaries and transforming industries, including the mining sector.[...]

06th Dec 2017 Manas Singh 0
The Right Email Marketing Campaign Can Help You Create Repeat Customers

Not only are repeat customers likely to spend as much as 67% more than new customers, Bain & Company also found that in some industries a 5% increase in customer retention can yield up to 25% higher profits. Creating new customers is an essential part of growing your business revenues,[...]

22nd Nov 2017 Manas Singh 0
Tools which Make Social Network Management Effective and Quick

Everyone who manages various social network media accounts can find this pretty overwhelming at times, especially those who run a business. The need to streamline marketing tasks, keep multiple profiles updated with content and shares, engage with followers and the many, many other tasks make it impossible for them to[...]

19th Aug 2017 Olivia Ryan 0
Display Browser Web Push Notification in web application

The new Browser desktop notification system provide us the ability to send notification directly to your desktop from any web application. Push notification system is very important and general in mobile device to get engaged your users by sending your important notification. It is very important to get returning user[...]

03rd Jul 2017 Manas Singh 0
What Does Google Glass Do?

Google glasses came with loads of fan fair to the boot and left just as quickly, yet there still are people out there who are still in the dark about its applications and uses. Add to it the curiosity as to why this seemingly wonderful invention is was taken off[...]

30th Apr 2016 Angelica Dowson 0