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How to resolve long http request timeout

We stuck in some situation where we encounter with the HTTP request timeout problem. This kind of HTTP request timing out may happen due to very heavy and complex manipulation of code and queries or have receive high traffic, poorly coded script or have some host issue. This long HTTP[...]

19th Jul 2020 Manas Singh 0
Display Browser Web Push Notification in web application

The new Browser desktop notification system provide us the ability to send notification directly to your desktop from any web application. Push notification system is very important and general in mobile device to get engaged your users by sending your important notification. It is very important to get returning user[...]

03rd Jul 2017 Manas Singh 0
Fixed Navigation Bar Minimizing On Scroll Down

This tutorial will explain about to create fixed navigation bar minimizing on scroll down. When user scroll down then navigation bar will become fixed and the navigation bar will minimize in its size. This happened with just use of HTML and jQuery. What we will do in this tutorial? You[...]

26th Jan 2016 Manas Singh 0
Use Google AdSense Ads Responsive Banner in Responsive Website

Now as we know the number of mobile devices increasing rapidly so the use of the internet moves on mobile devices and so we are moving our website in a Responsive layout which is compatible with all mobile devices as well as desktop. So when we move our website in[...]

25th Sep 2015 Manas Singh 0
How to show hide or open close fixed sidebar on click in Jquery

This tutorial will explain about to create a fixed sidebar on click event in jquery. When user click on that button it will show the pop up and there is a close icon to close that sidebar. This sidebar is fixed on the screen so that user can scroll the[...]

27th Jul 2015 Nitin Kumar 0
Create Animated Bar Graph Chart in Jquery

This tutorial will explain about creating an animated bar graph in jquery. The bar graph is very important in web development to explain the data in graphical representation. This animated bar graph is created using a query. Here user can fetch the data through the database and pass that data[...]

07th Mar 2015 Manas Singh 0
Simple Lazy Loading Images in Jquery with Fade In Effect

This tutorial will explain about lazy loading image in jqury with fade in effect. This effect allows us to give special effect to our image while loading. When we need to load several images one by one. So loading images one by one is more effective then loading all images[...]

10th Feb 2015 Manas Singh 0
Autocomplete search in PHP, Mysql, Json with href Link Navigation

This tutorial describes an auto-complete search in PHP, Mysql, JSON. Autocomplete search is very important in present Web Technology. This is very similar to Facebook or Google-like Autosuggestion box, autocomplete search box, or auto search box. Autocomplete search means that when users enter any keyword in the text field then[...]

30th Apr 2014 Manas Singh 0