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Top 10 Code Editors for Windows and Mac Machine in 2020

Technology is improving rapidly and programming languages are becoming more and more advanced. Coding is an integral part of website development and you need code editor for the same. However, with so many code editors available in the market, it’s pretty difficult to select a single one. To make your[...]

02nd Sep 2020 Harikrishna Kundariya 0
Top File Converters of 2019

file converters File conversion is a necessity of our generation, due to the rapid digitalization of our times, documents, videos, audios, and pictures require a format to be displayed on, and as times progressed thousands of formats have come to be as ways to view these media, but some people[...]

30th Nov 2019 Abhigyan Singh 0
Top 10 online services for students to improve on design skills

Do you want to develop your web design skills? Well, don't worry. The best-talented web designers were one day at your position and never mastered their skills in a day. Web designers who are passionate about improvement look for tips on improving their creative talents with inspiration and excitement. Writers[...]

13th Dec 2017 Abhigyan Singh 0
10 JQuery Plugins for Creating Dynamic Layouts

The web architecture devices and innovations have enormously advanced over the most recent couple of years. Today, the creators have the freedom to move past the ordinary design alternatives they are compelled to choose the framework segments. There is a great deal of adaptability given to the engineers for planning[...]

16th Jun 2017 Sunny Chawla 0
10 Most Used Shopping Cart CMS of 2015

Online shopping cart is getting momentum day by day. The first step taken by Amazon as a bookselling business is now reaching kitchen shelves and washrooms? Yes, you heard right, Online Grocery order is gaining momentum in my geography day by day. I feel by 2020 most of the Daily[...]

04th Dec 2015 Abhigyan Singh 0
10 ways to optimize your social media and brand building

Brand Building is synonymous to social media in today’s world environment. Without going to popular networking websites one cannot even imagine about brand recognition and without recognition you are nobody. People want to do business with people to who they know. Personal connections can bring you and your business some[...]

30th Nov 2015 Abhigyan Singh 0
10 Tools for Social Media Monitoring

Action is the key to move forward. One of the important actions on social media is monitoring behaviors; behavior of everything social e.g. Groups, Pages, People, Posts and Hashtags. While working for a famous social media website I scanned through social media profiles of influencers, the likes of Ann Tran,[...]

30th Nov 2015 Abhigyan Singh 0
Top 10 Open Source Content Management System

The Content Management System (CMS) is an independent computer application that helps a website owner to manage all the content on his/her website or blog. It is used for creating, deploying, managing, and storing content on web pages. Web content management includes editing, organizing, publishing, updating, and deleting website content[...]

26th Nov 2015 Abhigyan Singh 0
Top 7 Best Web Hosting Services for 2016

Every business out there on the Internet need best web host. Your website hosting company can make or break your business. What purpose a website may serve to its owner and customers if same is not accessible when people need it the most. There are many web hosting companies to[...]

10th Nov 2015 Abhigyan Singh 0
Top Email Marketing Predictions To Rule The Industry in 2016

The world in the digital space is changing and so are the methods and techniques of email marketing. The related world has always exploited the best of the industry means to attract the attention of the customers into the business and it is worth mentioning that the tactics have always[...]

16th Oct 2015 Andrew Hudson 0