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Top 5 Design Patterns Used In PHP Applications

Do you know, PHP is used by 78.9% of websites with a server-side language! Many organizations are keen on hiring PHP developers who can help them build some great applications. When almost 8/10 websites you visit are using PHP in some way or another, it is a great idea to[...]

14th Oct 2020 Manas Singh 0
Why Brands Should Have A Vector Logo Design?

Making your brand logo visible to the market is a challenging endeavor. You'll need to start at the very basic step to move forward. How? Consider first your brand logo. Have A Vector Logo Design? Having a brand image can easily capture the attention of the customers. In the modern[...]

10th Jan 2020 Manas Singh 0
5 Web Design Trends To Try On Your Next Web Design Project

website web design is constantly evolving because of the number of website design trends always springing up. The trends for this year are pretty interesting and noticeable even though some of them may not be your style. Website design that is designed to be pretty fast is currently a trend[...]

14th Nov 2019 Manas Singh 0
The importance of having a good logo

Did you ever think why is having a unique logo is important? The logo is the first symbol or graphic element that potential clients or consumers relate to a company or product. It gives them a first impression and, undoubtedly, it must be good. The goal of the logo is[...]

19th May 2019 Manas Singh 0
Should a small business use Wix or Squarespace?

As you start a website, you need to choose where you’ll build it. If you’re a novice in creating websites, then this is a crucial decision for you to make. Aside from that, the outcome of this choice will impact your future website visitors, who are also likely your potential[...]

01st May 2019 Manas Singh 0
Elementor Templates and Themes for Your Page-Building Needs

Among the many page builders available for web designers, Elementor templates and themes have proven to be the best. The many benefits that they have can be felt by both the website owners and visitors. So, if your website is based on WordPress, think no further than Elementor templates to[...]

24th Mar 2019 Manas Singh 0
Understanding the Proper Way to Use Media Queries in Responsive Design

Responsive web design (also referred to as RWD) has become an indispensable part of web design - thanks to the need of making sites accessible across multiple devices. In fact, its popularity has exploded after the release of Google's "mobile-friendly" update. While you may find plenty of responsive WordPress themes[...]

06th Aug 2015 Ava Garcia 0
Designing a Responsive Website Using Twitter Bootstrap

Twitter Bootstrap is an HTML/JavaScript/CSS framework that has been increasingly becoming popular these days as a dynamic front-end development tool. It provides an awesome way of building a flawless website. The framework is built using state-of-the-art HTML5 and CSS3 coding stands and features a great deal of awesome widgets, attractive[...]

14th Dec 2014 Sarah Parker 0