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How to Simply design your website with WordPress

The web publishing software has made WordPress a piece of cake for website developers to develop websites. In case you find these website developers a bit costly and are looking to design your website yourself, you should definitely try WordPress. It's one of the most accessible platforms without any complications,[...]

06th May 2021 Manas Singh 0
How To Start a Blog – The Ultimate 2020 Guide

Do you want to start a blog? Discuss Desk is here to assist you. From setting up a basic blog to all the tips and tricks you need to become a successful blogger, we have covered everything you need to set up a blog in 2020. How to start a[...]

06th Sep 2020 Manas Singh 0
The Ultimate Guide to Boost WordPress Site Speed & Performance in 2020

WordPress is an amazing and most useful CMS platform for creating website, but it can also be quite slow if not optimized or setup speed and performance correctly. How to speed up or boost WordPress website? This is hot topics about WordPress website. Fortunately, there are some techniques that you[...]

17th Jun 2018 Manas Singh 0
How to set up MailChimp in WordPress

Emails can be used to send promotional mails, discount offers, reminders, news letter or any update on the website to the visitors who subscribe to your website. It is an integral part of marketing in today’s world because emails are the oldest and simplest way of exchanging information. Everybody has[...]

01st Jan 2016 Nirdosh 0
WordPress Security Hacks That Makes It The Most Secure Platform

WORDPRESS SECURITY It has not been a long since some Banks asked the tech companies to make their back-end systems so as to make all the accounts, customer data, loan processing, passwords, and all secure. But eventually, all Banks themselves have become online firms that make their users perform all[...]

20th Dec 2015 Samuel Dawson 0
Introduction to Titan Framework for WordPress Application

The Titan Framework is not just an ordinary or another framework but a big brother to developers using WordPress. Those who are in the industry for long are well aware of how WordPress has changed over time from a simple Blogging platform to full fledged Web Development Application. Millions of[...]

29th Nov 2015 Manas Singh 0
Creating Your Own Themes in WordPress

WordPress is a free and open software content management system (CMS) which started in 2003 and was released by Matt Mullenwegg. This CMS is the most popular among the three others since it requires basic skills. It is a CMS for beginners. Beginners will not have a hard time learning[...]

09th Aug 2015 Manas Singh 0