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Abhigyan Singh 22nd Dec 2018

Artificial neural networks have entered the list of the main trends in the international research and development market. All over the world, work is being tirelessly carried out to master and create beneficial technologies based on the NN. TheNeurosphere development company occupies a leading position in this area. One of its most significant achievements is the SYPWAI project, which opens up incredible opportunities for users of AI technologies.

Neurosphere: AI must be available to everyone

The Neurosphere expert company was founded in Belize in 2015. Since its establishment, the project team has been engaged in the development of technologies, the main purpose of which was the promotion and implementation of AI systems available to everyone regardless of location. The company team includes talented scientists, neuroscientists, engineers and highly qualified developers from different countries who are sincerely concerned about the future of our planet.

The first major success of Neurosphere was the release of the beta functionality of the decentralized computer-aided learning network in 2016. Meanwhile, it was only preparation for the new revolutionary SYPWAI project. The platform is aimed at the design and development of neural networks.

The uniqueness of the project lies in the fact that any person with a relation to the field of high technologies can contribute to their development. Moreover, each participant is provided with a monetary reward.

In 2018, the well-known Life ASAPA organization supported the SYPWAI start up with a grant of $ 90 million. In total, for the development of its project, Neurosphere received $ 500 million from investors from all over the world.

Today the company continues to work on improving the platform and scaling it. Meanwhile, the activities of the project are not limited to this, every year scientists present new developments and technologies that make it possible to use the potential of neural networks for the benefit of mankind.

The importance of artificial neural networks for mankind

Artificial neural networks are one of the most promising and popular directions in the field of AI. In essence, they are the prototype of the biological nervous system and have the ability to perform tasks related to analysis, prediction, recognition and sorting, optimization and decision making.

The list of application for technologies based on neural networks is impressive. They are used to diagnose diseases of agricultural crops. They predict meteorological changes to the nearest minute. They recognize speech by lips, which opens up new possibilities for people with hearing impairments.

They control production processes, monitoring and preventing emergencies. Neural networks easily perform analysis of text, images, sounds, video, content synthesis, thereby helping to solve security problems, prevent acts of fraud and terrorism.

Innovative developments and platforms of Neurosphere are actively used by hundreds of thousands of users and organizations around the world. The company is confidently moving towards its goal of making AI technologies available to everyone.

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