Tips To Avoid Annoying Shortcode Text Messages

Abhigyan Singh 13th Dec 2020

With the rise in mobile marketing, SMS messaging is a popular way to reach the masses. Popularly known as SMS marketing is also known as SMS short code marketing. Companies use the marketing tool of SMS text messages for the brand’s promotional offers on a mobile phone.

Companies send short code texts as message alerts to interested customers. Shortcode text messaging can also be used for bulk SMS to customers.

Introduction of Shortcode Text Messages

Firstly, A shortcode is a 3-6 digit number that enables sending and receiving SMSs by an operator. Every 5 digits shortcode is owned by a company. People get frustrated from messages and calls from scammers, mobile marketers, and other companies that offer discounted products and services.

If you are receiving frequent short code messages, a short code directory can help you to trace the owner of the company. For example, if you got a shortcode message from 546780 and want to know the owner of the dedicated shortcode, then just insert the code in the search bar of the directory and submit. It’s so easy to use this free service of knowing the owner of the shortcode.

Reliability of short-code directory

The shortcode directory is a reliable platform that is developed by the community. It has become larger by the contributions of the users. If you are getting frequent shortcode text messages that are unnecessary and annoying, you can identify the scammers and make the public aware of it.

In addition, from the directory, you would be able to get true information regarding the company sending you messages. You can avail thousands of reverse number lookup services to identify who called you. The services available are free that you can use them anytime.

Benefits of shortcode and cell phone directory

  • Report frauds- Many scammers send messages to individuals with an intention to loot them. They pretend to be a branded company and fool individuals. If you are disturbing by constant messages, you must report fraud in the public and make people aware of it. You can start an online campaign and take legal action against it.
  • Who called you? – Annoying calls at the wrong times are absolutely irritating. To keep a check on the unwanted promotional calls, just check the number from the Shortcodes directory to know who called you.
  • Report scam and spam texting- With the availability of phone numbers, many fraud companies send promotional messages via shortcode text messaging. Annoying notifications on phone fill up space with unwanted messages. You can report them as scam and get rid of them.

However, knowing the increase in SMS marketing, it has become very important to identify unethical practices that can disturb individuals. Shortcode text messaging is highly preferable by companies as it enables mass texting. Businesses can easily send messages to opted subscribers.

It is the right of an individual to opt-out of the subscriber services. Still, many individuals are receiving these messages frequently. You can put a stop to these messages and calls by reporting the sender as spam. With the services of, you can avoid such annoying and unwanted calls and messages.

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