Tools which Make Social Network Management Effective and Quick

Olivia Ryan 25th Sep 2020

Everyone who manages various social network media accounts can find this pretty overwhelming at times, especially those who run a business. The need to streamline marketing tasks, keep multiple profiles updated with content and shares, engage with followers and the many, many other tasks make it impossible for them to handle everything properly. And yet, social media is one of the main tools for the growth of a business and a huge part of today's modern life.

So, how can you effectively manage social media and avoid spending hours frustrating over it? These social network management tools will help improve your efficiency and get you better results over time.


The first tool in our list will basically help you schedule your content. It offers a variety of features and is known to be one of the most powerful management tools for Facebook and Twitter on the market. In addition to managing content, Social Oomph allows you to create and use welcome messages on your Twitter network, as well as schedule photos on Facebook and manage your LinkedIn account.

You will find five tabs at the top of this tool. You can use these tools to:

  • Connect your groups, channels and networks to Social Oomph
  • Post updates and shorten the URLs by using
  • Purge messages and tweets on Twitter
  • Adjust your scheduling time
  • Manage the current followers
  • Find new followers
  • Create welcome messages
  • Monitor the strategy and progress

If you opt for this tool, SocialOomph can do wonders with your social media marketing. All you need is minimal effort and, if you opt for the paid version, a small investment.

The tool also has a free version with some minor limitations. In addition to this, you can try their 7-day trial and see if you like the premium version.


EveryPost lets you schedule posts, share the Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Google+ content, as well as curate visual content. This tool can be used from both iPhone and Android devices.

Once you open Everypost, you will see a black and white dashboard that is extremely simple to use. Just log in to the platform and add your accounts.

Generally, EveryPost allows you to:

  • Pull content from a variety of sources, including YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, and Flickr
  • Create unique content and share it on social media
  • Shorten the URL
  • Schedule posts


You do not know when to post your content? Do not worry – Buffer is your solution.

Buffer does not only look simple but is actually very easy to navigate. If you want to make your team more efficient and control content creation, this will be your favorite tool.

Once you create an account on Buffer, you can add the social networks of your choice and connect to your profiles and pages. Then, you can use the Content tab to share and create content, or the Analytics tab to get reports about your marketing reach.

Furthermore, you can schedule your postings by choosing the frequency or creating a custom schedule. Buffer will provide you with the option of choosing the posting time for you, on the basis of your audience engagement and best posting times.

And finally, the Settings tab. This tab allows you to adjust everything, starting from your accounts to team members.


Hootsuite is another of the popular social media management tools, downloaded and installed by millions of satisfied users worldwide. It is used to market the business, and even for personal social media profiles.

When you sign up for this tool, you can:

  • Post on a channel of your choice
  • Connect to any account easily
  • Get details about platform limits and rules
  • Shorten links
  • Schedule posts
  • Attach photos
  • Analyze the progress and growth of your networks
  • Manage your team's assignments

Basically, Hootsuite is simple, fast, and gives real results. In order to enjoy its full features, you need to make a minor investment. Otherwise, you can use the free version.


Finally, the Hubspot tool. This is a great tool to use if you want to monitor, publish, and get real reports on your data and success of the marketing strategy. Hubspot allows you to track down the funnel and check which of your posts drive sales and leads.

Avoiding social media is impossible today, especially if you have a business and aim to succeed. However, the process of managing your networks does not have to be so time-consuming and complex. If you use these tools, their benefits will provide you with the results without wasting too much time or effort.

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Authored By Olivia Ryan

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