Top 12 PHP Frameworks Trending 2020

Manas Singh 22nd Sep 2020

PHP (hypertext preprocessor)

PHP (hypertext preprocessor) is a platform-independent programming language as it is useful in various environments with less requirement of planning Framework. It can run on distinct kinds of operating systems and hardware. It is a highly famous computer language useful for developing programs that are executed by the server. This language is easy for a person to analyze and use.

Users do not have to wait for the release of the upcoming update because PHP is open source. PHP programming test is conducted to examine the backend knowledge of the candidate typically on the server-side.

It is quite evident that developers follow some patterns while selecting PHP frameworks.

This language makes it easy for users for developing web applications quickly that are complicated and dependable.

There is a wide range of PHP frameworks. A person can select the framework on the basis of his experience level, development timeframes, hosting plans, application, and business requirements. According to PHP experts, there are some of the frameworks which are in trend these days while some are not.

Following is the list of famous and useful PHP frameworks:


This framework acquires the first position on the list because of its popularity.

The MVC architecture of this framework is useful in boosting app development.

It securely manages web applications which are quite complicated at a rapid pace, and it assists the developers to customize the complex app.

A user can easily find assistance if he gets stuck at any point during the web development procedure due to the availability of a wide range of developers.

The RESTful controllers, unit testing, authentication, comprehensive packaging systems, lightweight blade template engine, and ORM are the feature which makes this framework preferable.

The query management of this framework monitors all the tasks operating in the background.

It makes sure that the activities are logged without creating any kind of interference for the tasks that are being carried out in the front-end.


  • Phalcon is one of the most trending and popular MVC-based frameworks.
  • It operates at high speed because of its C-extension structure.
  • It allows developers to integrate with the system having fewer features and functions because of the fast processing of HTTP requests as this framework makes use of fewer resources.
  • Auto-loading components, ORM, and coaching are the significant features of this framework.
    Support for PHP 7 is the latest and long-term update of the functionality of this framework.
  • Data storage tools, such as object document mapping and self-contained SQL dialect, are other exciting features.


  • Codeigniter is one of the most famous frameworks which is useful to develop apps at a rapid pace. It is a lightweight and straightforward framework that is relatively easy to operate and install.
  • It allows uploading with any hassle and bustle due to in-built security tools and MVC architecture.
    A person has just to upload the file, and he is done. There is no requirement for the installation of specific software or entering any special commands.
  • A fresher can quickly become an expert with the help of this framework in no time because of the easy setup procedure and well-framed documentation.


  • The features such as comprehensive and extensive documentation, dependability, remarkable performance, modular project model, and stability make symphony a highly trending framework.
  • Due to the stable and persistent nature of this framework, it is widely used in various big firms.
    This mature framework makes it easy to develop web apps like REST APIs.


  • CakePHP is best for new learners as it helps to develop commercial web apps at a fast pace.
  • Highly reliable apps can be developed faster without any complexities by making use of this framework because of its scaffolding functionalities and code generation.
  • Various packages that come along with this framework handle all the common functionalities.

Zend Framework:

  • Zend Framework is best suitable to develop enterprise-level apps. It offers security, excellent performance, and extensibility.
  • Various components of this framework support authentication, and form validation services, feeds, and the tools offered by this framework supports many more.
  • Zend Studio IDE helps in making the job of the developer easy.

Fuel PHP:

  • The HMVC (hierarchical model view controller) architecture which is quite different from MVC makes this framework the latest and popular framework.
  • It offers extensive security, thereby making it the most suitable framework if security is vital for the project.
  • The ORM support of this framework ensures template parsing, authentication framework, and enhancement of security.
  • This framework is object-oriented, possessing robust support, and is under development.


  • Slim is a powerful and lightweight framework that possesses another minimum micro-framework.
  • It has various add-on capabilities, already developed standards, URL routing, and handling HTTP caching.
  • This framework is documented properly and is useful for creating RESTful API and other apps.


  • Phpixie is a new lightweight framework. It ensures faster processing and quick learning.
  • The tools associated with this framework helps in security and cryptography.
  • It offers the sharing of code.


  • This trending and famous micro-framework brings along a wide range of packages and is free of fats.
  • CSS compression, unit processing, image processing, data validation, and open ID are some of its unique features.
  • It ensures the easy development of web app as it offers support to NoSQL and SQL databases.


  • A set of decoupling, self-contained libraries useful to develop a basic app is Aura.
  • These libraries have no dependencies and can be integrated with any project.
  • ¬†These libraries are properly documented, adjustable, and amenable.


  • Yii is in trend these days because of its scheduled and quick frameworks.
  • The component bundle of this framework makes it quite efficient and lightweight.

According to the experts, these are the frameworks of PHP, which are in trend these days.

And, These are believed to remain in trend in the forthcoming years as well.

Staying updated with the changing trends of PHP is not a tedious task.

The cost of web development and maintenance is quite pocket friendly.

A person must have a clear understanding of his business needs in accordance with the latest trends of PHP.

Product-based software development companies conduct programming test before recruitments to analyze.

Where the candidate is capable of delivering dynamic web responses and content.

This test is conducted to examine whether the candidate has knowledge about dynamic scripting.

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