TOP 5 Most In-demand Programming Languages In 2022

Manas Singh 01st Feb 2022

It is impossible to formulate the only correct ranking of the popularity of programming languages. After all, there are a lot of objective and subjective factors that affect their relevance in specific use cases: from the field of activity and the specifics of future projects, ending with at least minimal experience, your personal preferences and even place of residence.

An over-demanded specialist in a large city may turn out to be completely unclaimed on the periphery.  Nevertheless, it is possible to categorize programming languages ​​by popularity, taking into account the global and domestic trends in the IT market, making up a mini TOP.

Experts from Boosty Labs, a company, which, among other things, specializes in outsource manual testing, have ranked programming languages ​​by popularity from least to most. But in different usage scenarios and for a number of reasons, this rating may be different for you.

So, here's the list of top 5 most in-demand programming languages in 2022

#5. Java

At the moment, it is the main language for developing applications for Android devices. And its strongest side is cross-platform. However, in our ranking of programming languages ​​in 2022, Java falls only in fifth place. The advantages of Java are object-oriented and procedural programming, relatively simple, "human" syntax, stability, ease of collaboration, and security. Disadvantages – some difficulty in mastering, low performance, lack of native design and rather complex code.

#4. C++

The C++ language is used in the development of games and game engines such as Unreal Engine and Unity, high-performance and high-load applications, operating systems, browsers, neural networks, and even unmanned vehicles. C++ is a fairly productive language, it supports many programming styles and has a large community. But the barrier to entry in C++ is very high. For beginners, it is practically not suitable.

#3. C

The programming languages ​​C++ and C are so similar that many ratings put them on the same line. However, there are some differences, which is why we placed the C language higher in the ranking. This is its performance and the ability to use it on different platforms. But C also has disadvantages. First, programs written in C have some security issues. Secondly, the language has too few programming restrictions. And thirdly, it is more difficult to study many analogues. Therefore, it can be recommended to beginners with reservations.

#2. JavaScript

In fact, this programming language could well take first place. In some areas, he really leads the way. JavaScript is quite easy to learn, it uses the most popular web frameworks: jQuery, React.js and Angular.js, and its scope is very extensive. But compared to Python, JS doesn't offer as many built-in features, takes more time to complete similar tasks, and isn't always intuitive.

#1. Python

Python turned 30 in 2021. But this "old man" confidently holds the first place in all kinds of tops and obviously does not plan to give up positions. It is now the fastest growing programming language. It is easy to read, relatively easy to learn, and the list of tasks that can be solved with its help is simply huge.

Python is a rare combination when the language is ideal for beginners, but at the same time allows you to solve complex problems. The language is cross-platform, with Python a lot of services, libraries and frameworks are available to the user. And there are a lot of sources of information about Python. It is noteworthy that even such giant platforms as YouTube and Google are developed in Python.

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