Top 7 Marvelous Uses of PHP Development

Ankur Purohit 16th Jun 2016

Millions of websites are created using PHP, from a simple business website to the most popular social media platform Facebook is built with it. It helps in developing websites and web pages using versatile scripting language that is featured rich, easy to use, give maximum control and is cost effective.

PHP was launched in 1995 as PHP/FI (Personal Homepage Tools / Form Interpreter), with some basic features for form submission handling but it lacked in the common language features.  Its second version came in the name of PHP/FI 2 in 1997, but still it was not that powerful language and lacked basic features. In 1998, PHP 3 was released followed by PHP 4 and PHP 5, with new added features and significant changes. Finally, the latest version PHP 7 was launched in 2015 after a long time with numerous improvements and new features.

If you are working with PHP or familiar with it, then you must be thinking how we can use it to make our website more appealing. Here are Top 7 marvelous uses of PHP development below:

Ecommerce - One of the best use of PHP is Ecommerce. From a small business to a big enterprise, all wants to go online and earn maximum revenue possible. PHP helps to integrate new features to existing e-commerce website, as well as it can help you to build a new one from scratch. It can give a competitive advantage to your business over its competitors. There are a large number of PHP frameworks available such as Codeigniter, CakePHP and YII that can be used for ecommerce solutions.

Project Management Tool- Project management is an essential part of every business, whether it is a web development company or a freelancer. It helps your clients to keep a check on the progress of work and can provide the feedback accordingly. You can create your own Project Management tool with the help of PHP and some Javascript knowledge. These applications have many benefits such as, time tracking, security, file sharing and to do lists.

Online Community Building- Either your website is for any product, services, entertainment or your business. You need regular client communication for discussion, solving issues, answering technical questions and providing sales support. PHP can be used to create a huge online community using various available frameworks and implement them to your website. Codeigniter will be the best choice for handling most of the tasks.

Building Facebook Application- PHP can be used to integrate Facebook with your site. If you have created, a Facebook application you can easily get started with it as the Facebook developer’s wiki can explain in detail how to install and use these files in the library. It is worth for the programmers who have interest in Facebook platforms.

Graphical User Interface- There are several languages with which you can create Graphical User Interface easily. However, you need an extensive knowledge of PHP in order to create desktop applications. If you like working with PHP, then PHP GTK and ZZEE PHP GUL will be very useful for you to turn your PHP script into a window application.

Content Management System- PHP is also popular and can be used to create Content Management System. It allows the clients to update and add content even though they don’t have any in-depth knowledge of CSS and HTML. It is user-friendly, produce clean URL’s, extensive and SEO friendly. There are various online resources such as videos and documents that can assist you to code your own CMS from the scratch.

Generating PDF Files- Generating PDF files can be done by using PHP.  PHP library like PDFLib is used to generate PDF files. This library can be found in PHP5; you are required uncomment the lines in your PHP file in order to access it. It can be helpful in emailing the PDF invoices or print a copy of it.

PHP is a popular scripting language which is used for writing general purpose scripts. It was launched in 1995 and then launched its various versions; in 2015, its latest version was released. There are endless possibilities in PHP, and you can write your own scripts as well. It can help a business to create its website more appealing, which can attract visitors. The major uses of PHP have mentioned above; it can be used to create e-commerce websites, it is an excellent project management tool, can be used to build huge online community and act as a good CMS.

Summary- A large number of websites have been created using PHP as a scripting language. It is used to build websites for small business to large enterprises. PHP can be used to create ecommerce websites, manage CMS, building Facebook application and act as a project management tool.

Authored By Ankur Purohit

Ankur Purohit is working with Baymediasoft - a renowned PHP development company. With Six years of experience working in the field of development and digital marketing, he has technical as well as marketing skills to deliver valuable web solutions.

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