Top Email Marketing Predictions To Rule The Industry in 2016

Andrew Hudson 09th Oct 2020

The world in the digital space is changing and so are the methods and techniques of email marketing. The related world has always exploited the best of the industry means to attract the attention of the customers into the business and it is worth mentioning that the tactics have always proved worth being utilized.

As the techniques are changing, we are heading towards new methods of email marketing that are going to rule the world in the new era. The methods are somewhat similar to those that are already in practice. Here is a quick round-up of the email marketing predictions that will rule the industry in the upcoming year.

1. Responsiveness in Action

Mobile is an obvious trend in digital marketing and the most important tool for email marketing. The outgrown use of the device has accelerated the use of responsive techniques in the industry.

Nearly 65% of emails are opened and read over mobile phones and because of this reason, it is important to compose emails or templates that could easily load over mobile phones and provide a great user experience to the onlooker. The trend has just been coined in the industry and is expected to be there for years now.

2. Growth In The Personalization

Today’s customers are smarter and they focus on what comes personally to them. The theory also goes true for email marketing trends as personalization makes emails more relevant to the people reading the same. Personalizing email marketing for customers means to serve their needs in a constant way.

Keeping the track of the likes of customers and then serving them for those exclusive needs will help in creating a personalized campaign for a particular group of clients. The interests and the choices may differ with the requirement and the choices of the clients.

3. Focus On User-Generated Content

The upcoming year is going to watch a new trend of user-generated content surpassing the branded content.posted online to posts and to the blogs, there are a plethora of means for the advertisers to create positive campaigns of the products or the services that are marketed by the advertisers.

User-generated content helps the clients develop a sense of belongingness with the write-up that again seems more relevant. More to it, relevancy is the key to remain favorite in the eyes of the customers.

4. Transparency in the brand-customer relationship

Customers always love to see transparency in the services and get benefited from the same. This trend will remain there in the market as the customers will become more demanding in their expectation of transparency from the brands.

Genuine email marketing companies have already been following the "walk the talk" approach and providing excellent services to their clients- the ones that are providing true benefits to the users in the different aspects.

The Conclusion

Along with the trends that have been listed here in the write-up, the need for good content will not slow down. Besides this, users are going to be the true winners as the email marketing approach will suit exactly to their needs. More to it, the use of social media channels will also grow to promote email campaigns in the upcoming years.

Keeping the list of the email marketing trends that will prevail the next year will help you to remain ahead of your counterparts without making major efforts for the same.

Authored By Andrew Hudson

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