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Abhigyan Singh 10th Sep 2020

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File conversion is a necessity of our generation, due to the rapid digitalization of our times, documents, videos, audios, and pictures require a format to be displayed on, and as times progressed thousands of formats have come to be as ways to view these media, but some people forgot to catch on and clang to their formats. They are creating a problem for people who need to view documents frequently. We all need to open documents, and when we find out we lack the required viewer, then it pisses us off very badly, this is file converters came into being. So that we downloaded only one kind of file viewer and if we wanted to view a file of a different but identical media then we could upload it to our file converter and change it to our desired file format.

Best online file converters:

There are many online converters because of the increase in demand for their use, but not all file converters are productive. There are many converters out there that are filled with ads and fake surveys that waste people’s times, earning revenues through clicks and give nothing in return, this is why this guide is necessary so that you can find out the best online file converter for your daily or once in a blue moon needs to convert file formats.

WonderShare file converter:

Wondershare file converter is one of the most popular file converters.

It is a great converter available on every OS, useful to covert thousands of formats and anything you want to be converted. Then wonder share can handle it.

The only problem is that it is not an online converter and you must download it. There are no annoying ads intruding with your work, but it is a paid feature. The developers do offer a trial period, but it is very limiting and stops you; mid-way a conversion. So unless you require frequent file conversions, then this isn’t the best converter for you.

online convertFree:

As the name dictates, is a free online file converting software, which is a very useful software on which you can upload your file and get it converted to your desired format very easily and without downloading any software or paying for the service.

There is no doubt that if you wish for a free online file converter for your file converting.

This is the, is the tool you need.

A convert:

A convert is a great file converter that supports the conversion of thousands of formats to provide you ease in converting a file that your system doesn’t support and display in a format your system does support.

The only problem with A convert is that there is a limitation of 200mb on the free online converter provided.

So if you need to convert files of small sizes, then it is the best file converter for you.


File conversion is the basic need of everyone because of the rapid digitalization of our media.

There are thousands of formats of a single kind of media file; therefore you cannot possess a viewer for every kind of format.

It is necessary to make sure you have a file converter to change the file format in your system supports.

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