Top Firetv Hacks To Enhance Your Entertainment

Abhigyan Singh 22nd Oct 2021

It’s never enough when it comes to entertainment. Especially, when you are an ardent big screen lover you won’t like to compromise with any opportunity of great entertainment options on your TV. Now, you can have immense fun and entertainment by watching your favorite shows on your TV using the amazon firestick.

It converts your normal TVs to a smart one. While Firestick itself provides a plethora of options to choose from for your entertainment like movies, screencasting, games, and wireless connectivity, here are some of the other best firestick hacks that you can use to charm yourself with great entertainment.

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Playing Retro games using Emulators

For all the 90’s nostalgia gaming lovers, you can use your Firestick to transform your television into a classic retro gaming console. For this, you can download N64 and SNES emulators from the web into your firestick device and install them over, and get started with games like Mario Kart, Contra, etc.

This will be a delightful combination of the games of the early 80s and the technology of the 2020s giving you an exciting experience. You can easily go online and learn more about firestick retro gaming here.

Using Regular apps on TV

There are several android apps that run on FireTV. These are specifically designed and upgraded for it. You can also use the most regular apps of your android phone on your FireTV by using the process of Sideloading.

This process simply involves downloading and installing a program on a device and transferring and using them on another one running on similar codes and platforms. This can be fun and you will get a larger view of your favorite apps.

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Make your FireTV a digital Screen Saver

You can also use your FireTV to convert it into a photo frame or screen saver device to enhance the beauty of your room. This is a well-thought hack to be used for party themes or pictorial meditations. You can also add complementary sounds with it. For this hack, you need to sideload a screen saver app or a digital photo frame on your FireTV.

Use it for projecting movies

If your big screen is not big enough for you, you can use a mini projector along with your FireTV device. These mini projectors come with built-in batteries so you can adjust them anywhere you desire. They come with dedicated HDMI slots so you can attach your firestick device with them and take them out for a movie night in the gardens or over the roofs.

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Secure your home with Fire TV

Firesticks also come in handy in home security. You can use them to monitor home surveillance on your TV screens. For this, you need to have Alexa at your service. Just install Alexa from Play Store on your device. Then open the app and link your FireTV with your Echo.

Use the fireTV device as a USB

Your Firestick comes with a sufficient amount of storage to run the apps as well as store some good amount of content. Since its port is designed for USB like the plugin, you can use the stick as your own USB drive and store HD movies and images in it.

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