Top 9 Programming Bloggers from India you should follow

Manas Singh 13th Dec 2020

India is a country with a huge passion for programming. These are just facts. In other words, the tech industry is full of Indian talent. When we talk about programming blogs, we have a list of top programming bloggers from India.

Programmers are people who are single-handedly running the entire tech world. But when it comes to teaching programming, we have a list of the top bloggers from India who are sharing the most relevant information and generally helping the community to become a better programmer.

Are you looking for programming bloggers or blogs in India?. You are at the right place where you will find out top Indian programming bloggers to follow.

As we know a blog is the best source to increase your knowledge and stay up to date with the latest technology trends. If you are interested to start your own blog, you can start right away!

By following some of these programming blogs or programmers, you can increase your knowledge when it comes to programming. Therefore, let's talk about the best Indian programmers and how they built up their own coding empire.

Disclaimer: The below list is created based on my research and the popularity of the blog. If you are also a geek or programming blogger then you can share your detail with us and I will mention your blog in my list. The form link is given at the end of this article.

Top Indian Geek bloggers to read in 2020

This is my personal list of top Indian geek bloggers which I use to follow and also have inspired by some blogs. Actually, the programmers or developers are the key resources for creating any website or blog, and India is the place where we have the most talented programmers or developers.

But, the fact is that we don't have recognized programming or geek bloggers in India compare to other countries. So I decided to create a list of a few Indian programming bloggers.

1. by Srinivas Tamada

There's a solid reason why I put this blog in the first position. The reason is that I personally follow this blog regularly and get motivated.

When we talk about social networking, 9lessons is the first blog in our mind. It is by far, the best programming blog available if you want to learn some solid networking concepts. The website is designed in such a user-friendly way that anyone can find the information they want.

You get everything, starting from Javascript to Social script. 9lessons is one of the most popular programming and tech blogs out there for learning web development. The courses are pretty straightforward, and the tutorials are easy to grasp too.

This blog was founded by SRINIVAS TAMADA. He helps people build a solid base in networking, and his mission is to enable people to create their social websites without any problems. What a beautiful vision as an Indian programmer. In the competitive world of programming, Srinivas has been working actively to educate the audience.

Considering all the plus points of this website, Srinivas is one of the best bloggers in India., at a glance

  • Founder Name : Srinivas Tamada
  • Website Url :
  • Started year: 2008
  • Domain Authority (DA) : 48
  • Alexa Rank : 92,104

2. by Rameshwar Ghosh

Are you interested in web development? Chances are that you might've visited W3 resources a lot. It is a walking talking world of web development resources. You get a whole list of important information that you must learn to become a web developer.

The website itself is clean and minimal. Moreover, the information is portrayed in a user-friendly environment where you can just click tags to get the most relevant information. It features frontend, backend, database, and a lot of other tutorials as well.

Founded by Rasmeshwar Ghosh, he is one of the top Indian geek bloggers who owns this Indian blog about programming. Having more than 14 years of experience, Mr. Rameshwar has worked on C++, Javascript, Html, CSS, SQL, MySQL, and a lot of other things.

W3 Resource is quite impressive because this blog is run by a team of 4, they are skilled at the core!

When we talk about his team, all of them combined to make one of the best bloggers in India if you're interested in learning web development., at a glance

  • Founder Name : Rameshwar Ghosh
  • Website Url :
  • Started year: 2008
  • Domain Authority (DA) : 52
  • Alexa Rank : 4,039

3. by Vincy

"Helping you build a website." That is their motto. Impressive, right? PhPPot is one of the best Indian blogs to follow if you're looking to build a website and have a solid grip around PHP.

The first thing that we want to talk about is the design of this website. While other blogs are focused solely on the content, this website has one of the best visual aesthetics we've ever seen. On top of that, if you've to gain any knowledge about PHP, PHPPot is your ultimate guide to any sort of information. The website has an impressive amount of visitors. However, because it's solely based on PHP, it is an impressive Indian blog.

Vincy is the founder and probably the only female Indian programmer on our list. The blog has solely geared towards PHP which makes it even more unique. Vincy is an all-rounder with experience, good communication, and she has explored all sides of PHP just to teach you how awesome of a language it is. She is one of the top bloggers from India that you might want to look forward to.

As we know bloggers are earning money by displaying ads but she is the only blogger who does not display any advertisements in her blog and instead of displaying ads, she focus on selling products and use it as a revenue model for her blog., at a glance

  • Founder Name : Vincy
  • Website Url :
  • Started year: 2013
  • Domain Authority (DA) : 39
  • Alexa Rank : 15,917

4. by Neeraj Mishra

As you've guessed, this Indian blog is all about being crazy when it comes to programming. The website is a full-fledged insane programming experience where you can learn about anything at all. From simple C to something like Web Design and Development, the website is full of important and useful resources.

The man behind the scenes is Neeraj Mishra who's a programmer and tech lover in general. Man loves to help others become an awesome programmer and is often referred to as the Geek Blogger. After finishing his B.Tech in Computer Science, Neeraj decided to become a full-time blogger. We are glad that he did. He is the prime example of creating the most fine-tuned programming articles that help the audience all around the world. As a one-man army, his blog has the authority of 47 which is quite impressive.

It's always an honor to learn from one of the best Indian programmers out there., at a glance

  • Founder Name : Neeraj Mishra
  • Website Url :
  • Started year: 2012
  • Domain Authority (DA) : 46
  • Alexa Rank : 54,672

5. by Shahid Sheikh

Code for Geek is a full-fledged web technology and programming tutorial blog. At first glance, the website itself looks professional and the User Experience is great. The tiny bit of animations in almost every aspect of this website makes the interaction much easier and faster.

This Indian Blog is geared towards making you a flawless programmer and a great web developer. You can learn anything from Python to SQL, there's no limit. One specific thing we loved about this coding blog was that they offer a free EBook. The EBook is designed to give you the basics of NODE.

Code for Geek has the domain authority of 44, making it among the best Indian blogs for programming.

Shahid Shaikh initiated Code for Geek. He is a software engineer and blogger by profession and passion. His extensive knowledge enables thousands of people to learn all about programming. That's why he's on the list of top bloggers from India., at a glance

  • Founder Name : Shahid Sheikh
  • Website Url :
  • Started year: 2014
  • Domain Authority (DA) : 44
  • Alexa Rank : 59,925

6. by Krunal Lathiya

Apps Dividend is another great example of a programming blog. You get various topics and information about several languages. The most unique thing I liked about this website is that they post real-time screenshots of the actual IDE window.

So imagine you're looking at a piece of code on a programming blog and it isn't separated or colored. You wouldn't know where classes are, what functions are, and other stuff. Apps Dividend has done a great job of erasing that problem. Trust us, a lot of developers go through this sort of trouble.

The founder of this Indian blog is Krunal Lathiya. Krunal alongside his brother and his friend started the initiative that made us think that you don't need a huge amount of money to teach others. Just a casual group with a bunch of programming enthusiasts started this blog.

Considering his effort, Krunal is one of the best Indian programmers that has been teaching us valuable skills since forever., at a glance

  • Founder Name : Krunal Lathiya
  • Website Url :
  • Started year: 2016
  • Domain Authority (DA) : 41
  • Alexa Rank : 37,417

7. by Abhishek Ahlawat

Some blogs are just too eye-catching and cool looking. Studytonight features a cool looking design with minimalism to its every corner. It is an all-in-one gateway to coding. If you're starting, or you want to improve your coding skills, Studytonight provides excellent content with a huge amount of topics all over the blog.

Founded by Mr. Abhishek Ahlawat who is one of the best programming bloggers in India, his work is just too extraordinary. The courses are designed in such a way that you never get bored with coding.

His vision and work, both are very impressive and the website has a domain authority of 42, which is quite average. All in all, he's considered to be among the top bloggers from India., at a glance

  • Founder Name : Abhishek Ahlawat
  • Website Url :
  • Started year: 2013
  • Domain Authority (DA) : 42
  • Alexa Rank : 12,226

8. by Hardik Savani

A rather casual Indian blog that we got to see is IT Solution Stuff. The website portrays everything from tutorials to courses in a simple manner. Talking about the content, we get to see everything from simple C to all the frameworks of Javascript. This blog is a dungeon of information that you should check out if you want to take your programming to the next level.

The team at IT Solution Stuff is professional, and they are actively working to bring happy changes in the programmer's life by solving everyday problems. All in all, the team is running this programming Indian blog rather professionally., at a glance

  • Founder Name : Hardik Savani
  • Website Url :
  • Started year: 2015
  • Domain Authority (DA) : 34
  • Alexa Rank : 17,660

9. by Nityananda Maity

This brings us to the last Indian blog of today. CodexWorld expertise in Web Development, Programming, PHP, CSS, HTML, and a lot more languages. Their mission was to educate the readers by providing useful information for their everyday programming life. A lot of students in the college and universities follow CodexWorld as they have a lot of useful tutorials to integrate into the programming world.

The website is a gold mine for everyone from students, web developers, to freelance writers. You get live demos, tutorials, and a lot of scripts that you can use in your projects. All in all, the team is one of the top bloggers when it comes to programming., at a glance

  • Founder Name : Nityananda Maity
  • Website Url :
  • Started year: 2014
  • Domain Authority (DA) : 33
  • Alexa Rank : 17,482

Wrapping it up

As you can see, we have covered the best Indian Programming Bloggers who are providing top-notch programming content for every enthusiast.

You don't need to wait for college to come for learning. You can just browse and follow these blogs for the simple to most advanced tutorials that will make you a better programmer as a whole.

Let us know your favorite programming blogger so that we can add them to the list in the future!

As I said that the above list is based on my research on top geek bloggers from India, there may be a chance that I have not covered few other best bloggers who really deserve to have on this list. So, please suggest those blogger's names and I will more than happy to add them to my list.

At the end, if you are also a geek or programming blogger from India, then share your detail by filling the below form and I will review it and will add it in my list.

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