Top rules to ensure successful mobile app monetization

Amanda Cline 10th Oct 2020

It is the dream of every mobile app developer that his/her app exceeds the boundaries of financial success. While some of them are able to realize their dream, others continue struggling for gaining a unique niche in the world of mobile app monetization. With mobile apps accounting for a large quantity of income that's flowing into the software sector, you can choose to device an app monetization campaign that will help you to fetch a seat among the privileged minority of app developers/owners who are making quick money via their apps. Through this post, I'm inclined on sharing with you some of the finest mobile app monetization rules that must be followed for ascertaining guaranteed income inflow via the wisely designed mobile app. So, let's move on to the rules right away!

1. Ditch the traditional monetization models for the contemporary ones

Unlike the conventional techniques of monetizing an app, you must design an inclusive app monetization model which targets both, the users who are more than willing to pay for the app's features, updates, removal of ads, etc. and the users who're more interested in downloading the app for free. Such an app monetization model will allow you to enjoy the maximum reach and the best revenues from your app. An ideal monetization model is the one that allows the users to download the app for free, followed by expecting them to pay for different advertisements featured within the app pages. Simultaneously, you may even allow users to enjoy the freedom of upgrading to a premium experience within the free app instantly.

2. Monitor the performance of your app monetization campaign

For many decades, data-driven marketing has been adopted by entrepreneurs who're inclined to trace the progress and performance of their app's monetization in the much-hyped mobile world. Fortunately, there is a suite of tools that can help you in keeping a good track of the realistic revenues that have been received via app monetization. You can leverage the space available for out-of-the-box thinking when it comes to judging the app's performance in terms of monetary returns. All in all, you don't require a degree in monitoring the revenue generated using the app under focus.

3. Try your hands-on gamification and in-app purchases

The rapidly growing in-app purchase revenues have encouraged app developers to incorporate the in-app purchases into their apps. Yet another excellent way of defining these in-app purchases is incorporating the in-app gaming content that can include in-game money, virtual gems, accessories, titles, pets, etc. One of the major advantages of in-app gaming content is that you can use it for engaging the users with your app's content- ultimately leading to improved user loyalty. You may even use them in the form of paid subscriptions, promotions, loyalty bonuses, and discounts for acquiring multiple pieces of content.

4. Don't delay in establishing a perfect ASO(App Store Optimization) plan

Once you have a fully-functional app in place, promoting it in the right way is a must. This is also important for extending your avenues of making money via the app. Hence, go ahead with establishing a well-defined ASO(App Store Optimization) plan that would allow your app to receive instant recognition among the targeted audience. You can market your app using word of mouth, tech blogs, and press releases that can reach consumers located in different countries across the globe.

5. Don't forget quality sells, but not by default

It is essential for you to have a clear understanding that a poorly designed app can't get transformed into a cash-making machine automatically. In reality, it can turn to be absolutely disastrous to believe that added publicity will broaden the reach of your app. Users are interested in exploring apps that are both, functional as well as reliable. Hence, they would scrutinize the app before investing a single penny into it. By ensuring the bug-free and easy-to-use nature of the app before the launch day, it would become convenient for you to earn great revenue from your app. Refrain from merely focusing on the app's marketing, rather shift your efforts to developing the app's core functionality in a way that impresses the users in the very first go.

6. Device an ad placement strategy after a lot of planning

Collaborating ad format with ad placement is indeed the best technique of creating a loyal user base for your app. Irrespective of the category that your app belongs to, deciding about ad placement will make it a revenue-generation machine. You can get on with incorporating launch and exit ads within the first and last app pages respectively. Doing this will help you in earning an instant income as the advertisers would be interested in getting their ads features on the premium pages of your app. And not to forget, even the interstitial ads visible between inorganic app breaks and game levels can prove beneficial for earning maximum cash.


The mobile app market is sky-rocketing with each passing year and in order to keep pace with the same, it becomes essential to follow the aforementioned app monetization rules seriously. Don't forget to share your experiences using the comments section below.

Authored By Amanda Cline

Amanda Cline works with Xicom Technologies Ltd- A reputed IOS/Android Application Development Company with an excellent track record. When not busy developing great iOS apps, she feel proud in blogging and rendering IT support to individuals and enterprises.

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