Top Tech Jobs to look out for 2019

Abhigyan Singh 22nd Sep 2020

The IT industry is rapidly moving and some jobs that highly sorted after become obsolete after a few years. In today’s labor market, what matters most is the kind of skills that you bring to an organization. With few jobs available fresh graduates need to acquire relevant skills to remain competitive in the labor market.

Here is our list of top Tech jobs to look out for in 2019.

Software Developers

The people behind all the applications in the market are software developers. To get into this field and be able to earn a high salary, you will need a bachelor's degree in computer science or engineering. You will learn how to create programming codes. You will have to learn programming languages that are in demand – this change each year.

Information Security Analyst

These are the people who protect a company’s network from attacks. This is a job that needs you to be well informed on the potential threats and adapt to match these risks. The job is demanding because hackers are becoming more creative and this means what worked yesterday may not be effective today. You will need a Bachelor’s degree in computer science or engineering. The offers the best services and basic information for those planning to build secure private networks.

Mobile App Developers

More than half of the world’s population owns a smartphone. Mobile App developers are the people who are responsible for creating most of the Apps that you use. Top companies are developing apps to promote their brands and enhance service delivery. We should see growth in mobile apps in the financial, farming, and service industries. For you to become a top-rated mobile app developer, you will need a degree in software engineering.

Web developers

Having a website is a must for any company that wants to promote their services and products. Websites are becoming more complicated with the introduction of e-commerce. Customers are looking for ways to interact with their companies, and a website enables this to happen. You will need to learn to program to be an effective web developer. You will also need to be creative and adaptive to new languages.

Database Administrators

We are moving towards an age where all data will be digital. The DBAs are the people responsible for the running of databases in your organizations. Your website, mobile applications, and company’s data all require that data be stored securely. Hackers are getting creative, and they keep devising new ways to break into the company’s servers. If you want to succeed in database management, you will need to learn Structured Query Language (SQL) and have a degree in Management Information Systems (MIS).

Network Administrators

Once you have set up your IT infrastructure, the next thing to do is connect them. The network administrators will connect the various networks to the LAN or the internet. This ensures that everyone in the organization can communicate securely and effectively. Network administrators deal with both the software and hardware. You will need to have a degree in an IT-related field but their professional courses that you can do instead.

Digital Marketer

Social media has taken the world by storm. Almost all the global brands are looking for a piece of social media marketing. The holder of this position has to be creative as well as know-how to communicate the company’s brands effectively to the outside world. There work will be to create content on various social media platforms. You will also be required to be familiar with various analytical tools and give a good ROI to your company. A degree is not a must, but you can find various diploma courses in the market for this.

Aerospace Engineer

The need to explore the space has been on the increase with the advancement of technology. An aerospace engineer is a person responsible for maintaining aircraft and spacecraft. For a long time, this work entailed physical work, but over the years it has become computer-based. Most of the work done in the construction of spacecraft and aircraft is machine-based. However, you still need an aerospace engineer for some tasks. You will need a degree in aerospace engineering for this.

Graphics designer

A graphic designer works together with the digital marketer to create amazing content. The graphic designer will be responsible for creating flyers, advertisements, magazines, brochures, and corporate reports for the company. The designer needs to be creative to stand out. This is an office-based job, and you are not required to move around. To get a job as a graphic designer you need to be familiar with various design programs like Illustrator, but you can easily get a tech job if you possess an amazing portfolio.

Telecommunication Expert

This is a job that is still in demand but diminishing due to better ways of communicating. The telecommunication expert is the person who would fix and repair old phone lines. He would also be responsible for their maintenance. However, new technologies like VOIP have reduced the need to set up a phone system in the company. You can still maintain telephone masts.


This is the person responsible for using their words to market the company’s products online. A copywriter has written everything that we read online. To become a good copywriter, you need to have a good command of the English language and be creative enough to write viral-worthy content. You will be preparing digital content, fliers, emails, brochures, and sales funnel. Copywriters are in demand as companies move from traditional advertising avenues like billboards to online advertising. While it is not a must to have a degree for this job you will need to have a portfolio of samples written to get a  tech job.


Tech-related jobs will be on the rise in 2019. Computers are affecting our daily lives in a significant way, and people who hold the above positions will be at the forefront to drive this industry. Most of the jobs will require applicants to have an IT-related degree, but this is not a must. If you have the skills and experience, you may as well get the job.

Authored By Abhigyan Singh

He is a continuous blogger and has blogged on different topic. He loves to surf Internet and always trying to get new Idea about new Technology and Innovations and sharing these great information to all the technology lovers.

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