The Ultimate Guide to Boost WordPress Site Speed & Performance in 2020

Abhigyan Singh 15th Oct 2020

WordPress is an amazing and most useful CMS platform for creating website, but it can also be quite slow if not optimized or setup speed and performance correctly. How to speed up or boost WordPress website? This is hot topics about WordPress website. Fortunately, there are some techniques that you can speed up or boost your WordPress website. Without taking the right setup and Performance techniques, you could end up with a sluggish website. If your website does not load within a few seconds, most of the people will simply lose interest to visit your website. That’s why, your website need to boost speed & performance. In this article, we will try help you boost your WordPress website with good performance.

We recommended bellows topics to speed up or boost your WordPress website to getting good performance. We ensure the best output to boost your WordPress website.

Top Recommendations for Boosting WordPress Speed

  1. Minimize HTTP requests
  2. Optimize WordPress Database
  3. Disable Pingbacks and Trackbacks
  4. Minify CSS and Javascript
  5. Reduce server response time
  6. Choose a Reliable Web Host
  7. Gzip Compression
  8. Reduce image sizes
  9. Use a CDN
  10. Use external hosting platforms
  11. Reduce Number of WordPress Plugins
  12. Monitor your speed over time&mobile page speed

Minimize HTTP requests

HTTP requests are type of requests that get sent to the web server whenever a person visits your website. These HTTP requests impact web page loading speeds and affect user experience, bounce rate and SEO. HTTPS requests will incrementally slow your site and decrease visitor. When you decide to go to speed up or boost your WordPress website, you should take care all of HTTP requests inside your website.

Here is some instruction for getting decrease HTTP requests of your WordPress website:

  1. Use CSS Sprites in WordPress
  2. Minify CSS and JS files
  3. Remove comments if you’re not using them
  4. Delete plugins that you don’t use
  5. Don’t use Gravatars
  6. Remove emojis
  7. Unload scripts and styles that you don’t use
  8. Disable embeds
  9. Limit the number of social media buttons

Optimize WordPress Database

Optimizing your WordPress database cleans up unused, unused, unnecessary data which reduces database size and improves WordPress website performance. We have used WP-Optimize plugin for removing all unwanted data from our database. Just install and follow optimize option for cleaning WordPress website.

Disable Pingbacks and Trackbacks

Trackback is system to external comment to WordPress website. Pingbacks and trackbacks are link notifications that modify you to stay track of once alternative sites link to your content and loss your WordPress web site speed or performance. We just used Hide Trackbacks & Simple Trackback Disabler for disabling Pingbacks and Trackbacks.

Minify CSS and Javascript

Minify is a simple concept that is recommended for boost and speed up any WordPress website. We have minify CSS and Javascript using some WordPress plugin. Just install and configure all settings Autoptimize or WP Super Minify plugins.

Reduce server response time

One of the most important step is reduce load time to your WordPress website for boost or speed up. We need to reduce server response time for getting better output. We recommended some task for reduce server response time.

  1. Good Hosting Server
  2. Google PageSpeed Insights
  3. Reduce the Weight of Your Images
  4. Speed up high traffic pages

Choose a Reliable Web Host

Web Hosting choose is the important for speed up or boost a WordPress website. We recommended some issue for speed up or boost a WordPress website.

  1. Know What Kind of Web Host You Need
  2. Choose the Right Hosting Package
  3. Read Web Hosting Reviews
  4. Get the Right Amount of Bandwidth
  5. Don’t Get Stuck on Price
  6. Test Customer Support
  7. Know the Backup Plan

Gzip Compression

Gzip Compression in your WordPress website which reduces website script size and improves WordPress website performance. We will use WordPress Gzip Compression or Check and Enable GZIP compression plugin for compressing all scrips of our WordPress website. Just install and follow instruction for compressing WordPress website.

Reduce image sizes

Reducing images size of your WordPress website can improves performance and boost up. We will use Smush Image Compression and Optimization plugin for compressing all images of our WordPress website. Just install and follow instruction for compressing all images your WordPress website.

Use a CDN

The full meaning of VDN is a content delivery network. Using a CDN of your WordPress website can improve performance and boost up. We will use CDN Enabler – WordPress CDN Plugin for setup CDN of our WordPress website.

Use external hosting platforms

Using external hosting platforms of the WordPress website can boost up or increase performance. We have used external hosting for video, audio, etc. like media files. You can use,, and There is good media file hosting for your external hosting service.

Reduce Number of WordPress Plugins

Any WordPress site plugin contains many scripts like CSS, javascript. So, when you want to boost up or increase the performance of your WordPress site, you should try to reduce the number of plugins of your WordPress website. It’s a very good way to a good performance WordPress website.

Monitor your speed over time & mobile page speed

Monitoring speed over time & mobile page speed is a very important step to developing or increase WordPress site performance. According to Google SEO, monitor speed over time & mobile page speed is mandatory for any website. So, we have checked monitoring speed over time & mobile page speed using google service (PageSpeed Insights - Google Developers).

That’s all about to boost WordPress speed &performance. If, you have any queries? Ask throw comment. We are ready to reply according to your problem.

Authored By Abhigyan Singh

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