Some Video Marketing Trends That You Can Check

Abhigyan Singh 01st Mar 2022

If you can do some research, you will find out that video marketing is one of the most efficient forms of marketing. It is capable of attracting more and more people towards your brand. To be specific it will help you to witness more conversions. As per video marketing statistics, 96% of people have watched videos to better understand or learn about a product or service, hence with the help of a video, you can let people know almost all the things about your services and products.

So, if you are planning to launch a business, we would suggest you opt for video marketing. Hence to help you out we are providing you with some of the trends regarding promos videos It will help you to comprehend the trends so that you can incorporate them into your marketing strategy.

Short videos marketing

It is one of the prevalent trends that you can check. Well, you must be aware of the fact that there are numerous videos on various platforms. And for that reason, people are overwhelmed by the options they have.

So, if the length of the video is long there is a possibility that they will not watch that video. To be specific if they search properly, they will find out numerous relevant videos and they will have a lot of options to explore. So, the best way to create short and crisp videos is with Premiere Pro plugins. It will not only attract a considerable amount of people, but it will also make people understand the value proposition of your friend.

Besides, your viewers don't have to watch long videos. So, you can make sure that, in 2020, short video ads are going to be a vital trend in the field of video marketing. And for that, you have to choose the best advertisement maker

OTT (Over the Top) advertising marketing

Another video marketing trend that will dominate 2020 is OTT marketing. In the case of UTI marketing, the marketers share their videos on different types of internet platforms. To be specific, it helps to cut the cord from the television and join it with the internet. If you can compare the benefits of this form of video marketing with traditional marketing styles, you will find out that they create the same types of revenues. However, the best part about this kind of marketing is that it is less costly compared to traditional marketing. Right now, there are three types of VOD (Video On Demand) that are dominating the nooks and corners of OTT.

Let us have a look at those -

  • Subscription VOD
  • Transactional VOD
  • Ad-supported VOD

So, make sure that OTT marketing will be one of the best trends when it comes to video marketing.


Well, it is one of the unique forms of video marketing. You can consider it to be the perfect combination of images and videos. These days it is gaining a lot of popularity amongst people. It is one of the most attractive forms of video marketing that will help you to appeal to people. This form of marketing comprises subtle motion that will go in a specific loop. Besides, the background of the video will be still. It will provide you with a solution that you are watching animation. High -end cameras along with post-production tools are used to craft this type of video. As it is a unique form of marketing, a lot of people get attracted to this form of video marketing. With the help of this marketing strategy, you will be able to witness a lot of conversions. Hence try to incorporate this video marketing on your marketing strategy.

Giving significance to mobile

If you can look around a bit, you will find out that these days, most of the people are using smartphones. Well, compared to desktops and laptops, the usage of smartphones is more. So it is significant to give importance to smartphones. Therefore, in the year 2020, you will find and out that marketers will craft mobile-friendly videos. In this way, they can reach up to more and more people. Also, they will witness more conversions compared to the traditional forms of marketing. Well, for all these reasons, almost all the brands are coming up with mobile-friendly websites, videos, apps, and other things as well. To be specific, mobile has changed the way of video marketing. Now, people are giving more importance to mobiles instead of laptops and computers.

Content generated by users

We all know that it is the age of digitization. However, even today word to mouth marketing is one of the most important forms of marketing. A lot of studies and observations have claimed that most of the users believe in the words of an average user compared to brands. So, it signifies the fact that user-generated contents are the most important things when it comes to crafting a marketing video. There are numerous ways by which you can present user-generated content like photos, videos, social media posts as well as reviews. Also, you can use the contents created by your unpaid fans. Therefore, you can consider it one of the best ways for marketing if you are going through budget issues. This form of video marketing involves almost no amount of money. Also, when it comes to engagement you will not get disappointed. We ensure that the engagement rate of user-generated content is up to the mark.

In-stream ads of Facebook

Right now, in screen ads of Facebook is one of the prevalent trends, when it comes to video marketing. A lot of companies are trying to incorporate this trend into their marketing strategy. One of the best parts about this trend is that you will be able to reach up to a huge number of people. Also, it is quite an effective marketing strategy that will bring a significant amount of conversions on the boards. Also, it will improve your brand awareness.

So, these are some of the video marketing trends that you should check if you are planning for video marketing. We assure you that you will not get disappointed.

Authored By Abhigyan Singh

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