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Julie Bradley 16th Nov 2017

What is a back link? In terms of search engine optimization, a return link is a hyperlink that links a web page (directory, website, or top-level domain) to your own web page, website, or blog. Also known as Inbound Link (IBL), these links are important in determining the popularity of your website. If you build quality PR links on your blog from the bottom up, your blog PR will increase. You will get more massive traffic to your site. Certainly your blog will escape updates from panda and penguins Google. Your blog will stay long without penalty. When your blog retrieves links in increasing order, you will get massive traffic, starting to pour money into your ad sense account. Back links plays a vital role in ranking a keyword on Google SERP.

You do not know what types of back links are there all over the Internet; Below are the list of types of links mainly your blog get. Without this analysis of the types of back links, you can not understand the SEO link building strategies. For one of the seo practitioner's back links are very important to get the best results on Google.

Here are the types of total link below:

Blog roll: Blog roll is a blogger widget, you can add this widget by clicking add a gadget in the blog layout, in this widget you can place your favorite blog post links from various blogs. The blog roll usually appears at the bottom of the blog. It will help you give links to your blog; this will increase your PR blog. He builds an authority for the blog.

Profile: This is the link back profile, a link from the company's profile of the website, the profile of social media, the personal profile, the profile of the professional network as LinkedIn. Most subscribers will see your link back.

Submitted User: A return link goes through the post submission manually as a guest post on another blog, you will get the link from the author bio tag, it will turn to your site. And social media profile submission like face book profiles, twitter, Google+.

Content Exchange: Give the article to others, they will provide the do-follow back contextual link to your blog. If someone looks at the content of your site, it is relevant to his blog, he will ask you to give an article. This way you will get a quality link.

Organic: Organic Back links are natural back links, this type of back links, you will get by creating long high quality articles. Google likes this type of back link. In this way, without doing hard work, high level of alexa, high PR.

Paid: Paid links will cost money to create, but no long term guarantee. Paid links are permanent and temporary, you can choose the plans they offer you. You can search on Google for this. Or opt for Fiverr, seoclerk.

Blog Comment: A well known type of back link, by blog commenting our blog article gets do-follow or no-follow back link. Both benefit for you. But you have to maintain the ratio between do-follow and no-follow, otherwise the blog is penalized by Google. Your blog will also receive traffic.

Indirect link: it is also called broken link; it's a redirected link to your site, it's not a link at all. A broken link is a link that does not work, often resulting in an error page.

Affiliate: This is the dangerous back link, when you get this type of back link; Your blog is penalized by Google, your sense of the ad will be banned, a link from the affiliate network, commercial portals. If you want to use affiliate links on your blog, do not use the meaning of the ads.

Total websites or types of internet blog from which you will get links.

Blog: Blog is discussing a topic with interested people on forums, live conferences, blogs, social media, to create a conclusion on this topic. In this blog, you must write articles on a subject, readers will comment their opinions via a comment form on the subject. Example: shoutmeloud.com

Personal blog: it is also a blog, which is used to write personal messages every day in their life, on the moments of life, you can create blogs on weebly.com, blogger.com, typepad.com, wordpress.com.

Corporate Blog: A professional and authoritative blog with several authors, here they will maintain some standards to serve useful content for readers.

Article Directory: This is a site that accepts the content of blogs, it is an article directory.

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