What Does Google Glass Do?

Angelica Dowson 30th Apr 2016

Google glasses came with loads of fan fair to the boot and left just as quickly, yet there still are people out there who are still in the dark about its applications and uses. Add to it the curiosity as to why this seemingly wonderful invention is was taken off the shelves? My, it all does sounds like an endless series of mysterious events. Let’s break them down than, shall we?

What are Google Glasses?

Well Google Glasses, as the name suggests was created by Google in 2012 and was made available to the general public in 2014. It is an optical head mounted device that is designed in the shape of regularly worn spectacles or eyeglasses. Putting it in layman terms, it is a freaky looking pair of eye glasses with a touchpad on the side that makes the wearer either look downright sinister or amazingly smart, kind of like Stephan Hawking. According to its manufacturers it displays information in smartphone like format on the screen of where the lenses of the conventional glasses usually go. Meaning? You can do all that you do with your Google Glasses what you could do with your smartphone, except that this device is hand-free.
Since it comes equipped with all the basic features of a smartphone like:

1. Ability to record videos and take pictures.

2. Access the internet via Wi-Fi.

3. Send and receive messages and calls.

4. Bluetooth.

5. Listen to music via Bone Conduction Audio Transducer, which allows you to listen to music without having to wear headphones.

With all those features and the hands-free thing it has going on for it makes it one of the most inventive creations of this decade really.

What Do Google Glasses Do?

Now that we know about a few of its features, let’s discuss how these features can be put to use. The hands-free feature provided by the Google Glass is one of the most beneficial feature that it can offer, since it is sort of the only thing that makes the Google Glass stand out from a conventional smartphone as they share almost all of their features. This hands-free capability allows it to be highly beneficial in the fields of:

Health Care

Healthcare might perhaps be the field where Google Glasses have proved to be of utmost benefit. Now only does it allow medical students to look into the surgery from the eye of the surgeon performing the surgery but it can also let experts take a look at the way a surgery is being performed on the patient in real-time and at such close precision it is as if the doctor on the other side of the world is himself performing the surgery.


Being a reporter in the time of war is difficult job for both the journalist and the camera man, not only because of the treacherous terrain but also because of the fact that they have to carry heavy equipment with themselves. Google glasses not only allows people an insight into the close and personal view of a journalist but also puts the worries concerning the equipment needed at bay.

Daily Life

Google Glasses have the capability of making our daily lives quite simple. From entertainment to having the ability to navigate Google maps without having to look at your phone makes driving easier and safer. Additionally, its voice command capabilities make answering texts and taking calls while driving a breeze.

With endless possibilities, this device is indeed the invention of the decade that is capable of transforming the way we live our lives and the way the world works, as we know it and take it to the next level of excellence.

Authored By Angelica Dowson

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